The Last Olympian By: Rick Riordan

The Genre of the book is Fantasy

Within the book a lot of things happen. So this is my brief overview- summary of the book. In the start Percy is on a boat and plants explosives but sees Luke which is now Kronos and gets cornered. But his friend dies so he can get away. Then Percy warns camp and tells about the Gods and what is happening. During this Nico and Percy look into Luke's back round. They find out who his dad is and what happened to his mom. Nico pulls a little trick on Percy but it all works out and they are still friends. Then they see Grover and wake him up but he is still worried about how pan died but truly it ends up being ok. Then they go to Olympus and prepare for battle. During the war the Gods help them a little bit but are not able to do much. Thankfully we had Percy's lava hound that did a lot of damage. But Kronos was then defeated by the Gods and Percy. But most of all the big dinosaur was stoped that was tearing up the U.S. But during this time a girl gets shot and then we see that she was a spy. Rachel the new oracal and Annabeth Percy's girlfriend try to save her but cant and she dies. Then they reward Percy and say you can be a god and he says "No" because he wants to be with Annabeth and not live forever as she cant. But they reward Rachel with being the oracal. Grover being almost the nature god. But Nico got to also see his dad and his dead sister. But his dad Hades we found out that the gods killed Nico's mom and Hades got depressed because that was pretty much his wife. Then they leave it off with them rebuilding all of camp half blood plus making Percy's wish be true saying that all other not well know gods that their kids got to live at camp half blood then the story stops with Percy talking to his dad.

I would recommend this book because its fascinating. It combines action and mystery and has mythology. It becomes a great read and I thing every one who likes fantasy would like this.

One literary praise was " Percy Jackson's fifth and final adventure begins with a blast and gets increasingly more explosive." - from Publishers Weekly

By Camden Yates and happy reading

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