Concept Artist Sydney McKinney

Concept artist are often the creative backbone for multimedia productions. They create the basis for characters, sets, ambiance, and more whilst providing a suitable basis for other ideas to build off of.

This concept art in particular was provided by Hong SoonSang; an artist who specializes in providing a character concept to 3D Artists and Designers. As you can see, a concept artist must bare abilities pertaining to the arts, be able to dive outside their comfort zone for the sake of a story concept, and an overall air for creativity and imagination.
Thanks to SoonSang's concept art, another artist was able to make a 3D model out of his drawings and further his creative idea, allowing it to be implemented into a 3D production.
Concept Artists are normally certified in numerous Adobe programs and other art software, including 2D and/or 3D digital art programs. Often times a concept artist will also have a bachelors in fine arts or animation since concept artists work very closely to actual animators and it's not unusual for them to enroll in anatomy/physiology classes is college in order to better grasp human concepts.
Should they choose to not be self-employed, concept artists usually end up working for a myriad of companies, including Disney, Dreamworks, and Universal Studios. Concept artists are also found employed by Game-Design Companies, who utilize the concept artists' talents to create a well-adverse game.
A concept artists job schedule can range from laid-back to very hectic. They must be able to work around production deadlines set for them by producers and directors, and concept artists must be able to deal with certain amounts of stress that can build up over time due to said deadlines. The entertainment business is incredibly strenuous, and animation is certainly no exception. Production HEAVILY relies on concept art in order to move forward and evolve into a successful profit.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau, multimedia professionals and artists can earn up to $99,000 in their field, with the lowest pay being around $33,000. On average, a concept artist could likely make on average $63,000 should they work for one of the larger companies.
Concept art coincides with animation, thus leading to extreme competition in the future for positions in multimedia arts. However, luckily, it's unlikely for the need for concept artists to disappear in the future due to the growing popularity and demand for animation productions. Over the next 4 years, the industry is expected to increase by at least 16%.

Concept Artists can originate from anywhere. Hong SoonSang is an example of that, hailing from South Korea himself and still gaining popularity around the globe. He boasts over 1,500,000 views on ArtStation and has even had some of his work published in magazines in order to gain popularity.

He produces work even for larger companies such as Disney Pixar, who've utilized his talents in some of their more recent productions. He's also involved in some Korean companies, however I'm not going to write them down since I don't want to have to say their names.

3D animators and designers were also inspired by his work, including Toby Just, Dan Eder, Stijn Van Doorselaere, and many more people reigning from nationalities from around the world! The multimedia arts allow for a chance for people to get connected around the globe to create something beautiful.

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