Emil Nolde

Emil Nolde

Emil Nolde was born in 1867 as Emil Hansen . He started going by Nolde later in his life after the town in Denmark where he was born . Most of his art consists of water color or oil paint portraits and landscapes . He often used brighter colors such as reds and yellows . From 1884 to 1891, Nolde studied to be a carver and illustrator in Flensburg . He went to the School of Applied Arts in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1889 . From 1892 to 1898 he was a drawing instructor at the school of the Museum of Industrial and Applied Arts . He was very interested in expressionism and the contemporary impressionist scene in Paris at the time . He only started pursuing his art career at age 31 even though he had wanted to since he was young . He died of old age in 1956 .

My Project

Artist's Statement

For my project I used watercolor paints (Emil Noldes preferred medium) and white gel pen. I decided to do a landscape because I really enjoyed Nolde's work on them. I didn't contrast the colors nearly as much as he usually did, however. I decided not to fill in the whole sky because i thought it would look too messy or crowded. I don't feel anywhere near as strongly for this project as I did for the last project. I believe I would've enjoyed it much more if it was on an artist that I actively follow or that makes art currently. Although I can appreciate his art, Nolde isn't exactly someone I'm immensely interested in. The last project had a lot of personal meaning to me and this one felt more like I was doing it because I had too.

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