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Welcome to Spotlight

We make an app that surfaces high-quality news, based on machine learning, with built-in revenue opportunities for publishers that are more attractive than anything they can get from existing distribution channels.

We're news junkies who happen to be machine learning experts. We've built a series of prototypes and done market surveys. We've built a world-class advisory board (editors from BuzzFeed, LA Times, The Times Picayune, The Guardian, Vanity Fair).

Local newspapers are closing at an alarming rate. Smaller publications are struggling to modernize and most lack the resources to create their own mobile distribution platforms. Spotlight is working with local and college newsrooms to bring them the most recent technologies in content distribution and discovery.

Our App features a clean, user focused design.

Our Mission

To make sure that everyone, everywhere has access to high quality journalism.

We keep hometowns, colleges, and all communities engaged, informed, and connected.

Our Awesome Partners


The Daily Collegian - Penn State University

The Johns Hopkins News-Letter - John's Hopkins University

The Auburn Plainsman - Auburn University

Sports Are Philly

Joker Mag

Hoops Provider

The Bench Sports

ProCity Hoops

Increment Magazine

WTP Sports


“We really enjoy working with Spotlight’s team! The company has a visionary product that is of great value to any news organization. The employees are very professional and their work always exceeds our expectations.” - Senior Student Publisher
“I just want to say that me and my friends are super excited about my school paper being brought into modern technology with Spotlight. Excited to see the news things coming from that collaboration!” - Student
“Working with Spotlight has been great. Their entire team ranging from the developers to graphic designers are incredibly helpful. Their vision for the news/media industry is something I am fully on board with.” - Publisher

Our Services

  • Mobile iOS App
  • Desktop CMS
  • Augmented Reality Storytelling
  • Monetization Strategies, such as Revenue Sharing, Tiered Subscription Models, and Micropayments
  • Expanded Audience Reach
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics

Our Team

Tamer Morsy, CEO

Rand Arnold, Lead Engineer

Want to write about Spotlight Media Labs? Awesome! You can contact us for an interview at team@SpotlightLabs.net. You can also connect with us and reach out to us directly on LinkedIn.

Download our media files below.

Credits: http://bit.ly/2iCwS5j

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