English Internship helping students learn to love english

As the end of my high school career grew closer and closer, I knew it was time to find what I wanted to do in life. Throughout my time in school, one thing has always stayed constant. I loved English. Reading and writing has always been enjoyable for me, and I've always preferred my English classes to any other subject. One other thing I knew about myself was that I loved to share that love with other people. When the opportunity presented itself for me to intern in a freshman English class, I thought it was perfect. It was a way for me to help students grow, and, hopefully, show them how great English can be.

I created the rubric above as part of a learning opportunity provided by this internship. I spend a lot of time learning how to grade student's work, and from that I have learned what goes into a good quality assignment. Mrs. Connie Wessner, our school administrator and leader of the independent study course, creates assignments for us throughout the course to ensure we are learning and taking the experience seriously. For this assignment, the task was to provide evidence of what you learned from your experiences through photos, journal entries, or notes. Because I didn't have any of those available, I decided it would be fun to grade the assignment. This was the best way to showcase my learning, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey was one of two major units that I was a part of this year. As a returning student, I was familiar with this story, and used that to my advantage when helping students. Every week students would be assigned a certain amount of chapters to read and analyze. Since these kids are freshman, reading this way was new for them. They've never dug in to the deeper meaning behind books and analyzed old text. The class would get independent reading time almost every day, and I used this time to read with struggling students, help them answer difficult questions, and help them understand the old-timey text.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet was the other major unit I was a part of this year. This was SO EXCITING for me because I LOVED the book during my freshman year. This unit I did the same thing as the Odyssey, reading with student's and digging in deeper. In addition to reading the book, we would watch the movie as a class to understand further what Shakespeare meant. When I was a freshman, we'd have people act out the scenes, and I was disappointed to see that they didn't continue the tradition this year. Regardless of that however, Romeo and Juliet has been a book that I've loved for a long time, and seeing the students fall in love with it as well was super cool.

So what??

Did this experience impact me the way I wanted it to? Would I do it again? To put it quite simply, yes. Ever since I was a student I've loved English. I love stories. I love analyzing books. I love digging deeper. This experience brought me the opportunity to do all of that, which was incredible!! I've also always been interested in teaching. I'm going into college as an education major, so this experience was very beneficial. What did I gain from this experience? I gained insight on what it was like to teach, I realized how hard it can be, I realized the joy it can bring, I realized the stress it can bring. For my senior year, I'm taking place in a very similar class, interning in a sophomore english class rather than a freshman one. I think this will be super cool as well, because I can experience different grade levels, and find out which one works best for me as a career. I'm excited to see what next year brings, however I'm sad this year is coming to an end.

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