How Does Body Image Affect Kids and Teens? Hailey Robinson and Mallory Leonard


  • between grades 8 and 10 body image decreases in girls
  • adolescent girls living in rural areas or suburbs are more likely to suffer from body image issues
  • most body image research is on teenage girls
  • anorexia is a body image related mental disorder

Why are body image issues so bad?

  • overcoming a body image related disorder or obsession can require professional help
  • some disorders like anorexia have a very high death rate compared to other mental illnesses
  • other mental disorders like anxiety and depression can fuel weight and body image obsessions and issues

What are causes of eating disorders and body image issues? How can body image issues and eating disorders be avoided or solved?

  • parents and role models of young children talk about dieting and slimming down in front of them causing them to question their weight
  • eating disorders run in families
  • many young people are taught that all food is the enemy of being in shape and healthy
  • media is one of the main causes of body image issues and eating disorders (pointing out flaws and showing airbrushed, unrealistic people)
  • nutritionists can help people recover from eating disorders
  • bulimia can be treated with antidepressants

How do body image issues and eating disorders affect daily life?

  • a survey of Australian women ages 15-19 showed that body image was in 40%'s top three items of personal concern
  • affected people may stop enjoying food (not eating desserts at events etc.)
  • people's ideas of what a normal weight actually looks like is distorted

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