60:60 The Art of Popcorn Films

60 Minutes to Shoot

I work best under pressure.

Limiting the time and resources available prevent me from becoming overwhelmed with the possibilities.

60 Seconds of Screen Time

Setting realistic goals is essential to finish each project.

How can I expect myself to make a feature film in the time span of 60 minutes? The primary purpose of this project is to have high quality footage that captures the audience. It is not a matter of how much footage there is to show, but how the audience interprets it and the degree of integrity I hold in delivering something worth their time.

60:60 - Season 1 - Episode 1: "Pilot"

In the opening episode, we meet the talented high school student, Sydney Monthe, and the spokesman of a top cancer research company, Infirmo Corporated, which happens to be the focus of Sydney's research assignment.

60:60 - Season 1 - Episode 2: "Public Void"

Sydney Monthe does stuff :D

Created By
Trenton Waller


Created with images by tookapic - "camera lens photography"

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