Epic Book Report Extravaganza For 10th grade english

At the beginning of the semester, I talked about your semester book report. It is time!

I've reminded you several times the last few weeks to be finding your own chapter book that is appropriate for your grade, and is at least 250 pages. It could be any kind of novel that you wanted to read with any genre. Your options were endless!

The book you have chosen has been entirely up to you, however, when typing up your book report you will have certain requirements you must follow and include.

Your typed book report must be at least 3 pages long, and must include: A summary of your novel, who the main characters and what purpose do they serve, what time period does this novel take place, what is your favorite quote and why, do you like the book and how it turned out?

I want you to go in debt with your book report. What do you like and dislike about the novel? What would you change?

The video above will give you some pointers of what you should be putting in your book report.

On top of the paper that you will be writing for your book report, you will have two options: either create a presentation for the class, or create an Imovie trailer for your book. The trailer will also be shown to the class.

If you choose to do the presentation, you will basically be putting what you have written in you paper, and put it into a presentation for your classmates. You will need the summary, the main characters, your likes and dislikes, favorite quote(s) and why. You will also be adding what you would change about the book, and if you could be any character in the book who would you be and why. You can create your presentation by using PowerPoint, canva, haiku deck, and any other presentation apps/software that would fit your fancy.

If you choose to forgo the IMovie trailer, you will be making a movie trailer that you think would go great with your book. The IMovie app has templates you will follow and great options to chose from of how you would like to format your movie trailer. You can use other people from the class or other friends and family to be in your movie as well. This project is about creativity. I want to see your creative side, and also see how you visualize your novel. You can use images also, but I want to see movement and acting. Creativity is key! The more creative, the better it will be.

The video below is an example of students creating a IMovie trailer for the book, 'The Hunger Games.'

Apps you will use are the IMovie App for the movie trailer.

For the presentation, you can use: Haiku Deck, Prezi, PowerPoint, and other creative presentation apps.

Any Questions or Concerns??

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