StationSmarts Enhanced NFIRS Reporting

We took a fresh look at NFIRS and rebuilt it from the ground up.


We've incorporated a number of key enhancements Not seen in other systems

quick assess,review and approVal of reports. With a click of a search button, quickly identify forms ready for review. Also, view the narrative without the need to open each form individually.

Quickly filter by Address, date, run number, incident code and apparatus
iPad Optimized: start or complete the form from a PC/laptop, windows tablet or iPad
Quick review and approval process

Unlimited Actions: List actions for a comprehensive report to track indept activities on a run

Fully INTEGRATED with the DISPATCH cad system,

Dynamic interagration with the dispatch CAD system

Take Photos: Photos can be taken and stored with the report and are linked to the site address

Special Studies: completely customizable by the department to track department specific data. i.e. NARCAM use, equipment loss or need for repair, ALS support, etc. If you define it, you can track and report on it.

Department Defined Field, based on the action taken, for specific instructions or feedback to reporting officers.

Quality Control: Review reports in list view, with SMS and email notifications to reporting officers with feedback to correct reports

Master Reports Templates: Quick reference for ease of completing routine runs

Block text: eliminates the need to re-type narratives, insert standard text with a button

CAD Integration: Run data, apparatus, time stamps and address automatically pre-populate NFIRS form

Long Descriptions: ease of search across the entire series to identify the proper codes

A field specific to the department allows for unique instructions or comments specific to the code selected
Created By
David Rocco

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