My Literacy, My Voice and My Freedom By P.M Senoamadi


Every newborn pops out screaming to the top of their lungs and gives new meaning to what life means for their parents but I on the other hand gave a whole new insight into faith and questioned my parent's belief in the Divine. My journey begins when my entrance into this world nearly took my mothers life. Even after doctors were able to spare her life it was the eerie silence that oozed from my frail body that threatened her emotional well being. Despite my silence my years as a toddler gave me the ability to look deeper into people.

I was a silent child. I did a great deal of observing and my family encouraged me to embrace how unique I was instead of allowing the "norm" to dictate what I want to be. My family taught me to stand for myself and not to let anyone hurt me and make me feel inferior and that I still keep close to my heart to this very day.


It was the second term of third grade when I was chased out of my numeracy class because I did not know the third timetable off by heart unlike my peers who already well versed with the tenth timetable. When I got home later that day and i explained to my mother what had happened that day. Being the natural "mamma bear" she graced the teacher with her presence as soon as the gates opened the very next day.

The old woman stood there with so much pride and said that i was just one of those learners who just didn't belong in the school and simply got in because of the money the school stood to gain from my father's donations. But I give thanks to her lack of faith in me. It made me my biggest cheerleader.

I knew that although numeracy was a more highly valued learning area, it was not the only one and had to work even harder on my strong suits since I had no hope with numbers. I became the butt of all jokes on the playgrounds and my other teachers looked down on me with great pity in their eyes.


Being literate in mathematics means being able to make sense of or interpret and manipulate numerical data.

The next three years of my primary school years became a tale of extremely bad grades in mathematics until Mr Boonzier, the HOD of mathematics, taught me mathematics in the seventh grade. His patience with me was unbelievable. His willingness to stay for an extra hour or two with me after school created this fascination I have with numbers that made me the maths addict that I am today.

At the end of my primary school career I was not just an over achiever in theoretical subjects but I was also able to find satisfaction in mathematics and went beyond my expectations when it came to excelling in that subject.

On the evening of my last academic price giving in primary school, I walked to the stage with a pep in my step that no one could take away from me. The only thing missing was that old woman to witness how her words did not break but only added to my strength and persistence.


Suddenly it wasn't just about being a genius anymore. Picture a tall girl, poppy seed complexion and hair that mimics a porcupine. I came to this jungle thinking that all I need was my brains but this was a whole new dynamic. It was not just about having the brains it was about having both the brains and a brotherhood or sisterhood that you belong to.

One had to be smart in the sisterhood that they chose. I had to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the different sporting activities offered. I chose to be one of the sisters of the admired hockey sporting teams. I was a natural! I became one with the stick and the idea of my hamstring pulsating, my forehead glistening with sweat and my calves aching the next day just made my mouth start salivating. By the eleventh grade I was a part of the under 19 hockey team and the co-captain.

Computer Literacy entails being able to us computers or any technologies based on the basic or professional computing skills you may have.

In the tenth grade I was introduced to the academic subject, Computer Applications Technology and my literacy in computers seemed to advance into something great. Being called out of an English class to go help our history teacher setup the projector for the day's lesson was a great confidence booster, but it was not always that great.

I remember in grade 8 when we had our Afrikaans literature assignment and we had to navigate to a folder on the desktop using the mouse. I was so confused that i physically lifted the mouse and dragged across the monitor. Yet today I have people coming to my door asking for assistance with upgrades and installations and things as simple as rotating images in word documents


Today I a student at the University Of Pretoria and registered for a Bachelors in Education. I am learning to be information literate, I have come to know the different dynamics of literacy. I completely understand that literacy does not just entail reading and writing.

I do however wish that I had taken part in one more sporting activity, perhaps netball, who knows I could have been part of the South African Netball team. Maybe if I had pursued my passion of saving our trees and teaching computer geeks about green computing.

I have become more knowledgeable in conducting research, I am able to make sense of numerical data and my computing capabilities keep improving with time.

Created By
Princess Mammi Senoamadi


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