Agriculture Project 2017 By: Isaiah Toth

First Agricultural Revolution:

Occurred from 10,000 BC to about 2000 BC. Humans started domesticating animals for farming and also farming plants. It changed how humans lived because they were able to start having their own food instead of having to hunt for it

Wheat was the first crop humans started farming.

Second Agricultural Revolution:

Started around the 1700s and continued to the 1900s. Used technology (tractors, plows) to increase production and the distribution of the product.

Tractors were a big technology improvement to increasing productivity.

Third Agricultural Revolution (Green Revolution):

The third revolution started around the 1970s 1980s to the present day. New agricultural practices were put into place to create even more food. Genetically engineered crops and genetically modified organisms were also created.

GMO's are not good for our bodies but we are still consuming them.

GMO- organism whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering

GMO's make crops bigger, better, and also help them be protected from weather and animals

Pro- big crops, better tasting, and invincible Con- harmful to humans, bad for environment


Created with images by sfxeric - "Ronald McDonald" • danxoneil - "Bill looking for wheat for gum" • tpsdave - "tractor grain mixer rural" • @mist3ry30 - "I think they're taking this GMO business a bit too far now. / #GMO #artofvisuals #fatalframes #igworldclub #eclectic_shotz #ourmoodydays #superhubs #hubs_united #global_hotshotz #moody #moodygrams #imaginatones #houseoftones #gramslayers #graphicdesign #d"

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