A new TEDxMontréal Salon!

Montreal is often defined by its makeup of a multitude of global cultures, groups and identities. But what does all of this mean to us? On the evening of February 18th, 2020, we invite you to ponder the true meaning of diversity and inclusion in a context that transcends borders, definitions, and space as we know it.

During an intimate evening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, this TEDxMontréalSalon will showcase ideas and stories that look deeper into what differentiates us, for the purpose of finding the similarities that make us human.

Please know that all the revenues from this event will be reinvested in the production of future events, thus allowing us to share our local ideas with the world. Our team and speakers are all volunteers.

@ Léa Villalba

Event Information

February 18th, 2020, from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

At the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts

1380 Sherbrooke St W., Montreal, Quebec H3G 1J5

Please note that the event and the talks will be in French

@ Baptiste Varennes

Join us on February 18th for a new TEDxMontréalSalon...

An evening of unique ideas!