The Truth Behind Me My Life Story

17 years was born to a woman named Dawn Beard/King. I have 1 sister, and 3 brothers. I'm the youngest out of the 5 of us. I don't know much about my birth mom, for many reasons. A few months after I was born, she decided that she couldn't handle being a mother. She started dropping us off at random people's houses. She wouldn't return for a while. It's hard to grow up, without your mom, or dad to take care of you. Eventually we we're all put into foster care, and picked up by a couple by the name of Matt and Terry. I was 1 year old when this all happened. When I turned 4, I was adopted along with one of my brothers. His name is Brysten. We've been with this family ever since then. When I was 12 or 13 my birth mom passed away, from breast cancer. I heard, from people that she refused treatment. They didn't detect the cancer in time to be able to cure it. She refused treatment, probably because of expenses, or because she didn't care. I'm not sure as to why, I didn't a chance to ask her why. That was the last time me and my siblings were together in forever. I'm 17 years old now. If you were to ask me if what happened when I was little affected my life, I would say a little bit. But it affected my life in a good way. I was taken in by a family that actually cares about me. Now that I'm 17, I have a lot of things to think about. Like, my future, graduation, how I going to live on my own. It's tough, but I know that when I need help, my family's there for me. When you read this, you're probably thinking, 'how do you deal with all this, the separation, death of my birth mom, everything'. It's not easy, trust me, it's not. But, with a guitar, some paper and a pencil, that's how I manage to get by.

I love music, it's the basis of life, in my opinion. I also love photography. My main goal in life is to graduate and get accepted to NYFA. Which, if you don't know, is New York Film Academy. I've been dreaming of going there ever since I was 12. I love photography so much, it's the best way of showing emotions without having to speak. A lot of people have inspired me to follow my dreams, like my parents my brother, my friends, and some celebrities have as well. One thing that has been said to me by my friend from Phoenix, her name is Kenzie. She told me: "No matter how bad your life is.

You can get there, if you put in the time, effort, work, and passion. You'll get there. Just believe in yourself." That's really stuck with me, ever since the day she told me that. I remember that day vividly. I was hanging out with her, for the last time, before I moved to South Carolina. We were taking out fate, and our destinies. She told me: "wherever we go, I know that we have each other. If you ever need a friend, I'll always be here for you. And I know you'd do the same for me. Wherever I go, I'll always have you in my heart, and I know you have me in your heart as well." She's an amazing friend to have. She's a great listener, she knows what to say, when someone is hurt, or upset. I miss her like crazy.

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