Botswana Mindie Breest

The blue on the flag means let there be rain.The black and white represents the racial harmony.

Botswana is in the south of Africa and has a population of 2,209,207 people.
The sizes is slightly smaller than Texas

The climate is hot and dry for much of the year, there is a rainy season, which runs through the summer months.

Often a heavy downpour may occur in one area while 10 or 15 kilometres away there is no rain at all.

Botswana is one of the world's largest salt flats. The Kalahari Desert covers the southwest of Botswana. Also The Molopo River creates a geographical border between South Africa and Botswana highest point.
Diamond, Salt, Nickel, Silver, Copper and Coal are some examples in Botswana. The people there trade these goods.
Today Tswana is 79% and Kalanga is 11%


The two most popular religions in Botswana are Christianity is 79.1%, Badimo is 4.1%


English is the official language with 2.8% of the people using it. Setswana is the most popular language with 77.3% of the people using this language.

Life Expectancy

54 years old for all the people 56 years old for males 52 years old for females

Capital city : Gaborone Leader: Ian Khama Type of government: Parliamentary Republic
Visitors love to come see the The Three Cheif's Statue in Gaborone.
A Rhino Sanctuary is a based wildlife project, established in 1992 to help save the vanishing rhino this is also a attraction to visitors.

The exchange rate in Botswana is that 1 Botswana pula equals .095 US dollars

Botswana became an independent country on September 30, 1966. This has referred to itself as a Republic ever since. Britain colonized botswana.
1967 Diamonds were discovered in Botswana. It was later thought that the deposits would run out by 2030.The vast majority of the world's diamonds come from sources.The global diamond industry employs some 10 million people directly and indirectly all over the world. The mine is still producing diamond today.
July 13, 1980 Seretse Khama, 1st president of Botswana, died. He made Botswana an increasingly democratic and prosperous country with a significant role in Southern Africa.He was a big help in the independence of Botswana. He was re elected for president twice.

Since the seat of government was in Mafikeng South Africa, it had to be moved to a place in Botswana, and Gaborone was eventually chosen as the more suitable to be the capital of Botswana in September 30,1966

(1977) Botswana Defense Force established the border between Botswana and South Africa and it was not secure.

Most of their houses look like this.

Many people in Botswana move to the city or the town. Some children are left behind to get raised by family members. Extended families are a huge part in Botswana's life.

Botswana's national dish Seswaa, it is a tasty dish of meat and thick porridge.

Botswana is made of many different ethnic groups, but music is a big part of their culture. Their church choirs are nationwide. Children are taught at a young age the traditional dances and music.


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