Forensic Pathologist Kyley Weigl

Definition of Forensic Pathologist: a doctor that performs post-mortem exams on a dead body who has dies of unknown or suspicious circumstances to determine the cause of death.

Description of a Forensic Pathologist: A forensic pathologist performs the post-mortem exams, autopsies, and they study the medical history and the crime scenes. They are also sometimes medical examiners and they sometimes appear in court and the write autopsy reports. There are also clinical forensic pathologist who examine patients that have experienced sexual assault or abuse and they are still living. Working Conditions: They work in the city, county, or federal government. They can work in hospitals, medial school, or a private or a group perform autopsy services to agencies in the government. They work in labs and work with small tools, this involves standing for long periods of time. They are also exposed to graphic violence at crime scenes and dead bodies. Their work days are 10 to 12 hours long.

Education and Training To Become A Forensic Pathologist- High School: You need to take advanced Math, English, and Science classes. Also, with the help of the advanced English courses, you need to have good writing skills. lastly it would help to practice public speaking and join debate. College: You can take any undergraduate major. However, you also need to make sure to take the science and math classes that are required to get into medical school. You should make sure the Forensic Program is accredited and that is has at least 24 semester hours of chemistry, biology and math and the prerequisites for medical school. It is recommended to learn a foreign language and to experience new perspectives and to learn different cultures. Medical School: Take an autopsy pathology rotation as an elective and find work opportunities at a medical examiner's office. During medical school, you would need to focus on patient care. You also would need to do a Forensic Pathology Fellowship. Lastly, to become a forensic pathologist they need a bachelor's degree, a medical degree, a doctor of medicine(M.D.) or a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) and they need to be in a forensic pathology rotation in a residency program. In total, the amount of education to is 11-18 years, to be a forensic pathologist.

Salary and Benefits: An average salary for a beginner forensic pathologist is $100,000 and for the more experienced it is about $200,000. A forensic pathologist can make about $122,100 a year, $14,132-$16,216 a month, and $81.25-$93.24 an hour. The benefits are paid holiday, vacation, and sick days. They also can get a 401K matching. They also get life, disability, malpractice and liability insurance and cell phone allowance. A major benefit also is a flexible schedule.

Opportunities and Advancement: Forensic Pathologists can get graduate degrees which will help them get promoted and they are able to get into administrative or supervisory programs. Forensic Pathologists can become certified through the American Board of Criminalistics and/or the American Board of Forensic Toxology. This certification will require training, experience, and they have to take the certification exam. Also, through this advancement they can even get a salary up to the $500,000, which is what the highest salary can be.

Aptitudes and Values Required: The aptitudes and values needed are that they needed to communicate, be analytical, detail oriented and they need to understand science. They need to communicate well because they need to speak in court to give results after they investigate the body and give connection between evidence. They need to be analytical to interpret the events of the crime with every bit of information they are given like the victim's health history, evidence from the crime and the information from the investigation of the body. They need to be detail oriented because of how much can go into finding the cause of death of somebody. Lastly, they also need to understand science because of the autopsies they do on the bodies.


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