Isaac Gunaseelan #3 Journaling Romans 13-16

Chapter 13:In the start of the chapter Paul rights about how everyone must submit themselves to authorities and he says that he who is rebelling against the authority is rebelling against God. And it also tells that we pay taxes because the authorities are God's servants. After than Paul tells us to do good things like follow the commandments and behave decently.

Chapter 14:Paul writes about accepting people whose faith is weak and not judging them. And then Paul says that we do everything in God and we belong to God that's why Christ died and returned so that he could be the lord of the dead and the living so we should not judge others because we will all stand before God's judgment seat. Then he writes that we should not eat or drink anything that causes anyone to stumble.

Chapter 15: In the start of this chapter Paul writes that we should please our neighbors for their good add to do goo to them. Then he says that we should accept one another just as Christ has accepted us. And then he writes about what he thinks about the Gentiles.

Chapter 16: In this chapter Paul was greeting some good people that he had met. Then he writes about how we should keep away from people who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way and then he writes that Satan will be crushed and then he thanks a few more of his friends.

Conclusion: Paul writes about a lot of important things that we should do to everyone and I think all of us can do things and should do them because they are good, and he also writes about a bunch of other stuff like greetings or the Gentiles.

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