My Life Manuele RombolĂ 

My name Manuele Rombola. I am eleven years old. I was born in Mendrisio. I live in Coldrerio in an apartment. My hobbies and interests are soccer, the play station and running. I play soccer at a club in Chiasso.

I like hamburgers and pizza. I like soccer my favourite football player is Ronaldo, he is the top player of the team Real Madrid.

My favourite subjects is gym. When I am an adult I would like to become a football player.

My Family

There are six people in my family. My father, my mother, one brother and two sisters.

I am the third children and the youngest son in my family. My father is not tall, he has black hair and brown eyes, he works in the bank and his hobby is running. I like sport

and my mother is tall and has brown hair with blue eyes and she is a therapist. My mother likes running, animals and chocolate.

My brother is tall and he has brown eyes, brown hair, he is a student, he likes to play a soccer, he likes dogs and cats.

My little sister likes animals most of all she likes horses, she is a student who plays the piano.

My eldest sister is good at school, she has dark brown hair, her eyes are blue and she loves to read books.

My best family time is spent at the playing games. During our holidays we go touring worldwide. We visit the Maldives.

I love my family because ithey are special.

My friends

My friends are Matteo, Kelvin, Tommaso, Pablo Michele, Alessandro we met when were at school. I do not know who is my best friends.

Me and my friends go out together to the cinema.

My friends are kind, happy and nice. They are a special part of my life.


My hobbies are soccer and I play the ps4. I like running.

I attend soccer club and I am gifted at soccer.

My favourite sport is soccer.

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