Time Management and Self Study Common Exhibit for Learning Outcome #2

Semester Plan

Here I have a few months throughout the semesters showing I made sure of important event dates and other personal things by writing them down. I do believe I looked at them a few times making sure I knew the upcoming test dates and making sure I learned enough information to be ready by the date.

Weekly Plan: The Ideal Week

I have 3 classes on MTWF and 2 classes on Thursday's. I make sure I am up and ready by at most 8 a.m. By 8 a.m. I am showered, have eaten breakfast, and picked out something nice to wear. Breakfasts normally consist of 2 cups of coffee with a chocolate milkshake breakfast shake. I eat either Clif bars, or peanut butter, and then I drink a glass of milk before I leave. I make sure I always attend PAL for Organic Chemistry on Monday's and Wednesday's at 6:30 to 8 p.m. On Thursday's, I meet friends in my chemical engineering class and do homework, and go over anything anyone had trouble with. I also work out after my homework is done, or at most done, and I usually try to fit this on Tuesday's, Thursday's, and also on the weekends.

My daily study schedule is really simple. I study when I am not sleeping, eating, or in class. Basically, I always study something at any given free time. Normally, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday is when I study for hours after class around 3 p.m. This way I am able to do all of my homework, sometimes in advance, and then be able to really study material, instead of trying to figure it out.

Daily Plan: The Nitty-Gritty

Here, you can see I used different colored pens, but that is not important. What is important is how the classes are ordered for the day because that is how I prioritize my work. When I have checked something, that means I have studied and done the homework for that class. I also put times with certain events so I also have a written note of what time the event is. I also check this agenda like I check social media because everything is on this agenda.

Minute-By-Minute Action

This chart shows how many times each quadrant was used for the day. It shows that I am definitely not a 4th quadrant, nor 3rd quadrant type person. I am glad I believe I am focused throughout the day, and I am aware of what to make important and urgent, and not just lally gag around. I believe this graph will show you that I am always working hard and hopefully all of my work shows that.


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