2 Years Later Nepal Earthquake Recovery

Remembering: It's hard to believe 2 years have passed since I snapped that cover photo while a 7.9 quake was happening. I set out today to try to remember all that happened and all that happened since that day in April 2015.

Here is a list of everything I can recall that we've accomplished since the quakes. We've done a lot, with the support of hundreds of good people we've been able to build our village back better. We've now run out of money. We will still be here in the village on a daily basis, still doing what we can to help. If you'd like to help with funding, we'd appreciate that help a great deal. Much has been done, much more to do still

What's been done to date.

  • Immediately provided over $40,000USD in no interest loans.
  • Provided food, clothing, tarpaulins, tools, roofing and many other emergency items. Moved 60 people into housing at Her Farm.
  • Bought two trucks to move supplies and materials to the village, then made major improvements to the 4.5 kilometer dirt road to the village. Those improvements allowed giant tipper trucks to bring large quantities of building materials to the village.
  • Constructed two homes as a demonstrations using the latest earthquake codes and trained locals in how to build.
  • Provided funding to a hospital for emergency surgery cases right after the quakes so people unable to afford medical care could get it.
  • Conducted earthbag building training to several groups of people who are still active building earthbag homes in villages.
  • Built the first and only earthquake-proof, full service emergency shelter in any village that can house 150 people in times of crisis.
  • Donated land to families who lost their homes and could not rebuild on the land they were living on. 6 families have a place to build.
  • Organized a women’s group in the village. Provided them with cash money for micro loans and land to collectively grow vegetables on for sale. Income to go to the micro loan fund.
  • Organized the women's group to assist each family to rebuild their homes and continue to support this group in that effort.
  • Added housing at Her Farm to be able to move more women and children to the farm, including some left homeless by the quakes.
  • Rebuilt two classrooms at a local school. Helped rebuild toilets at another school.
  • Purchased land with a large amount of water resources and piped that water all the way to the village. That water now supplies the entire village. It took 30 local workers nearly a month to lay all the pipe required to bring the water to the village. It goes into a 10,000 gallon concrete tank at Her Farm and then off to many other tanks around the village.
  • Currently working on a project that will provide water to over 100 homes in a nearby village in partnership with another NGO and the people of the village. We're donating land for the placement of a water tank for this project as well as helping financially.
  • Helped our neighbors rebuild homes
Photos of all the items on our list of things done since 2015


Photos by Scott MacLennan

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