Collector It's time to nerd out

I dream to be an amazing collector. Things that are new today can be worth millions in a day, a year, a decade, a century, or a millennium.

Some collectibles are worth more than $100,000

Cars like these can be worth more than a house! Imagine finding one of these while cleaning up!

The older the toy then more expensive. The less damaged more expensive. Not opened more expensive.

The longer you wait to sell a collectible the prices will go up and people will want to buy "FASTER"

Thanks for your attention to my presentation!!

Created By
Kale Lorey


Created with images by PetLvr - "Wizards Magazine" • PetLvr - "Flash (175)" • PetLvr - "Superman" • ACE Solid Waste - "ACE Collectible Truck" • Brian Rinker - "The Guild: Reaper" • docoverachiever - "Legolas.jpg" • tallys - "smaug dragon the hobbit" • tomcrouse - "Patina Cthtulu" • tomcrouse - "Flocked Cookie Monster" • tomcrouse - "Bender" • dave_7 - "Ford Mustang" • paulbr75 - "classic red vintage" • JD Hancock - "Four Storms And A Twister" • ErikaWittlieb - "star wars chewbacca action figure" • JD Hancock - "Flash Back" • JD Hancock - "K Is For Kid Flash"

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