Chapter 3 By alex tingle



The picture above was taken by Richard Avedon. He used lights to cast a shadow across the man's face and he used the man's eyes and nose as a focal point. His eyes really draw your attention! He also used a black and white film camera. To achieve a similar look to the photo above I used lights to cast a shadow on one side of Jack's face, a black and white NIK filter and assorted layer modes and I believe it turned out very similar to Avedon's photo. Something I could have done better is had a darker background because I believe that is one difference in the photos that could be fixed.


My Influence for this project was the Los Gatos High School Soccer team, it influenced me because I really like to play soccer and since I'm on the team I get to play everyday and It consumes my life at the moment. It is my passion because it beats video games or TV shows in every single version of fun imaginable, it gives me excitement and sadness and real emotions that I believe cannot be experienced in any other way. I have managed my time for the project very well and I only need a few more photos to complete my passion project. My theme is soccer.

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