Town of Chase My local governMent

Town Hall Address: 8481 County Road S Pulaski, WI 54162

Map of Chase

Town issue: The town of Chase recently decided to make some renovations to it's stone barn. The first budget was firmly set at $9,000 for all items including chairs, tables, and carts. However, they exceeded the original budget and now wanted to add an additional $1000 to cover the extra costs. Decision: The $1,000 was added to the barn renovation cost. My opinion: I agree with the decision of increasing the budget a little because it is benefiting the town in the long run. Seeing as the stone barn is the main attraction to Chase, I believe investing in it and making it better is a wise decision.

Several municipalities voted on getting their own new fire trucks. Chase voted no and turned out to be the only municipality to do so.

The vote on reducing the speed limit on Lower Road and Mapleridge Circle to 45 mph, which matches Little Suamico, passed with the majority.

The town decided on setting aside $9,000 to be put towards purchasing chairs, tables, and carts for the Chase Stone Barn.

A vote passed on establishing a $1,000 security deposit for renting the Chase Stone Barn.

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