Roswell Marine A Presentation by: Jackson Widell

What does Roswell Marine create?

Wake Towers

Audio Systems

Various Models of Speakers by Roswell

Tower Accessories

The Appeal of Roswell

Roswell is young, and expanding...

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • All over the U.S.

This gives an opportunity to travel, and options for where I want to live

Roswell was founded by engineers, and they are in need of young finance professionals to manage their assets as they expand

This means...

  • Job Security
  • Possibility of rapid advancement in the company
  • Working with other young professionals

Small staff size means personal interaction with managers

  • daily meetings with CFO and executives
  • opportunity to speak one-on-one with mentors
  • small office means managers are able to see work ethic everyday

4- day work week

Founder Robert Oswell believes in a well-balanced life. He invites employees to his lake house every other Friday to test out their products, and boost company morale.

a passion for extreme watersports

Roswell is a company that will allow me to apply the skills I've learned during my collegiate career while being surrounded by the water

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