Devices By Kla


2/3s of the world population of 7.5 Billion uses devices, why are they so over used? In this article you will learn more about devices and why it is so overused and find out more about the complexity and varieties of devices, and more! Interested? Keep on reading.


The first reason that makes devices so over used is because of social media like Facebook and Instagram. This is because sometimes people can be lonely and Facebook or Instagram can make them connected with their friends or family members.

The second reason is because of youtube, this is because youtube can show people videos that they sometimes may want to watch, for example: Gaming and trending contents, Youtube is also a job that you can gain a lot of money with like some youtubers gain 30,000 plus $ a month! This also adds up to making youtube popular. A you tuber with the name of Pewdiepie earns an estimate of 4.6 Million Dollars!

Devices aren't just popular they are also extremely complex, For you to take a selfie you need light to pass through the computer chip and for it to have color it needs other types of chips and it will try to guess the actual color of the picture you're taking a selfie of, and this isn't even covering/talking about the physics of how this happens, Devices are really complex as you can see, this is just one of the complex options of a app named camera .

Not just devices are complex and popular, they also comes in a lot of varities like, a lot of varieties about 7-30 types of devices are made and that is the least of it there could be hundreds of varieties of devices.

Another factor in making devices popular is the fact of it having games! This adds up to about 43% of the total usage of Devices!


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