Are you constantly sabotaging your success and getting pulled off track? Do you neglect your self-care or taking time out to nurture yourself fully?

Do you feel ready to focus on the year ahead in a new way with the support of a tool which will literally help you change your perceptual filters and your perspective on life?!

I created a simple and highly effective technique in 2015 which I evaluated for it's powerful results through a standardised TRIAL study in 2016. I'm confident it's the perfect way for you to get on track once and for all for 2017!

I called it 'The SHINE Program' and you can access this tried & tested personal transformation technique for yourself in a variety of ways. I have created SHINE with love, to reach far and wide. It's my contribution to raising our level of collective consciousness and I want it to feel totally accessible in price.


SHINE is a Meditation, Relaxation & Self Coaching Program based on cutting edge neuroscience and heart science. It's aim is to teach you a very simple step by step approach to creating a fluid, relaxed state of PRESENCE which scientists call PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGICAL COHERENCE. They can measure it through the heart's Electro-Magnetic output. It's a REAL inner environment that becomes what you radiate outwards energetically. It brings both short term and long term benefits to health, mental wellbeing and emotional wellbeing.

You will learn to entrain and return to this state of COHERENCE, it will become your default setting, and as you use SHINE and integrate it throughout your week the science on COHERENCE has shown us you will literally produce LESS CORTISOL - the toxic and damaging stress hormone - and MORE DHEA - the life extending, mood enhancing, energy producing hormone known as the ANTI-AGING & VITALITY HORMONE! The clinical studies on COHERENCE are courtesy of The Institute of HeartMath


  • Improved Emotional Resilience
  • A more Positive Outlook
  • Better Concentration & Focus
  • Boosted Energy & Vitality
  • More fluid Creativty & Problem Solving
  • Improved Self Awareness
  • Better Empathy & Connection with others
  • Better quality Sleep and Physiological Rest & Repair
  • Inner Calm
  • A Quieter Mind & Clearer Thinking
  • Improved Enthusiasm & Motivation
  • Being more Present & In The Moment




2 TECHNIQUE AND COACHING BASED VIDEO TUTORIALS TO TRAIN. YOU IN SIMPLE STEPS - set to alpha wave binaural beats to ensure you relax and become receptive




Then access the deeply relaxing yet super powerful magic of the POWERFUL PROMISES MP3!! It has been downloaded by almost 16,000 people from all over the globe, to amazing feedback and fabulous 4 and 5 star ratings.


My name is Lisa Bardell. I'm an established Executive Coach, Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist. I run two busy coaching & therapy practices from Central London & Cheshire and my first book called Shine Brighter will be on sale worldwide this year. I also lead a dynamic and inspiring group of female entrepreneurs through a group coaching one years members community called Damsels in Success

Before retraining to follow my passion for Psychology, I enjoyed a 16 year business career with the final six years at Executive Director level. I wanted a more balanced and fulfilling way to earn a living and to live my life. I was feeling jaded and ready for more holistic success, which lead me back into Psychology and trained to become a full time professional coach and therapist. I have never looked back, I love what I do now with passion. I'm thrilled I can now share SHINE far and wide all over the world in an accessible format for an AFFORDABLE PRICE!

Lisa Bardell BSc (Hons) Psychology • Post Grad Diploma in Coaching • NLP • Clinical Hypnotherapy • NLP Master Coach • Advanced EFT Therapist


I have found Lisa’s SHINE program invaluable, and am consistently recommending it to friends and colleagues. As a result, I have become more centred and grounded and been more resilient, whilst being much more productive at work and have been thinking more clearly. Physically I have had more energy and I have felt more refreshed on waking. The course is very clear and practical, SHINE is truly excellent program! Lisa has a gift for distilling everything down into simple, easy to follow concepts that reap huge benefits. I have tried several meditation practices over the past couple of years. I will be sticking to this one, because IT WORKS! Thanks Lisa from my whole heart! Peggy

• Thanks Lisa for the SHINE program, it has had such a positive impact on my wellbeing, my outlook and my approach to life in general. I can't tell you how it's changed my life, I'm a different person. Thanks Lisa for passing on all this knowledge so we have been able to receive the enormous benefits of this approach, what you have created has been so well appreciated. Helena

• SHINE Meditation with Lisa has transformed my life. Not only do I feel more calm and emotionally resilient, following an emotional wobble this summer, but I also have an increased sense of daily wellbeing, and I feel more centred and grounded in myself. Lisa is a fantastic and really thorough teacher. I can't praise her and her work more highly. The SHINE Program has made a huge difference, and I'm happy to recommend it to anyone who wants to boost their forward momentum and focus in life. Zara – Therapist, London

• I cannot begin to express how using this technique has enabled me to not only find peace, but find real joy. I was at such a low point after a shocking diagnosis that I was struggling to pick myself up. After using the SHINE Technique, the difference I noticed in myself was unbelievable! The transformation is incredible, and I can't thank Lisa enough for helping me to discover a way of bringing light in to my life that I can tap in to on a daily basis. SHINE Meditation is simple but incredibly effective. Marion – Artist, Cheshire

• Lisa, I'm not sure where to start. ! I feel different, in a positive way but quite different. I've also slept a lot better than usual and I feel so much better in myself and far more positive!! Onwards and upwards! Helen

• After 2 weeks of SHINE I can hardly believe the transformation I feel. I have so much positive intention and the rituals are like bookends to the day. Even when I'm not getting enough sleep. I am able to give to others because I am in a much more grounded, centred place myself. Thanks Lisa. Helena

• I started SHINE and found that within a few days I was already able to deal with stresses and with a job I don't like a lot more easily. I have been a lot calmer on a day to day basis and am sleeping better. I'm really thankful for this and certain that this is something I can continue with long term. Sharon

• Since starting the SHINE program, I find myself recommending the course to most people!! I believe it would have real benefits to almost everyone, especially anyone going through a stressful, difficult or perhaps depressed time. I find I can be calmer with the children and find more enjoyment and excitement in my work. I also sleep better and feel more energised during the day. My decision making and prioritising feels vastly improved too. I felt much better able to deal with what might previously have been stressful situations for me, and feel much less overwhelmed. What is brilliant is learning how quickly I can return to a state of calm when I might feel myself starting to become overwhelmed. Thank you Lisa. Hannah

• I have found the SHINE technique fantastic. Lisa explains the technique and the science behind it in an accessible way, so the practice makes sense as you are undertaking it. I am more focused, relaxed, have improved relationships with those around me and am generally more positive. I feel my mental, emotional and physical health have improved. I am enjoying life more. I suffered badly with stress last year for many reasons and this affected my physical health to the point I was referred to a neurologist. I found out I was suffering neurological symptoms, mainly induced by stress. I currently rarely experience any of the symptoms I had last year, which is a huge relief. I highly recommend Lisa and the SHINE technique. I will continue using it as part of my life. Jane

• SHINE is a life saver and I feel it was serendipitous that I found you when I did. Thanks Lisa. Shining love and appreciation today. Carole

• Since learning the SHINE Meditation Technique with Lisa, the way I look at my life has altered. This simple daily technique has enabled me to find clarity, strength and confidence. It has also allowed me to be much more aware of myself and my environment and to make more positive changes to benefit my inner and outer health. The way Lisa teaches this method makes it feel really simple, and straight away I knew what I was supposed to be doing, and was actually enjoying it. Working with Lisa has been such a life changing experience. The best part is I will have this technique for ever. Emma – Marketing Assistant, London

• Thanks for a fabulous SHINE coaching session. It exceeded all my expectations and was the perfect mix of mind-body science and practical application. Now I know how I'm gaining mastery over my brain activity and decreasing the impact of stress and anxiety on my body, it is a wonderful motivator. Your style of teaching is warm and charming, and your sense of humour a perfect addition. I'm highly recommending SHINE to my friends and colleagues. Helen – Coach & Therapist, London

• Learning SHINE Meditation was a transformative experience. It is clear that Lisa walks her talk, and lives wholeheartedly from what she is teaching, she radiates peace and presence. The techniques I learned helped me to see meditation in a different light, not as difficult or challenging, but something genuinely simple and life changing. I would highly recommend Lisa as a meditation teacher and coach. Alex – Hypnotherapist, London

• I am so grateful for SHINE Within a couple of weeks I couldn't recognise the desperate person I had been just a short time before, I felt more positive than I had in ages and could see that there is so much to look forward to. It is such a powerful resource that I can see I will be using regularly going forward and recommending to others. I enjoy a clearer, relaxed mind and no emotional hijacks. I have less 'heart racing' moments when faced with stress, I'm generally calmer and more positive. The biggest benefit has been feeling both happy and content – the complete opposite to what I'd been feeling when I started. Knowing I do not have to resort to medication to make me feel better has been such a valuable insight for me. Julie

• SHINE is a life saver and I feel it was serendipitous that I found you when I did. Thanks Lisa. Shining love and appreciation today. Carole

• The SHINE Program has been so easy. It’s helped me acknowledge so much about my inner voice which has been my worst critic and helped me stop letting this be such a powerful, negative voice. I have much calmer. I’m able to focus on what is most important and not ‘stress’ about the little things. Rose

• I have always believed in the power of the mind but this experience has really reinforced it for me in a tangible way. Although I am generally calm certain situations can make me tense and I definitely felt more relaxed using this method and will definitely carry on using it. Thank you again Lisa. Patricia

• I wish I had met Lisa 25 years ago and learnt SHINE then. My life was so busy and stressful. Through Lisa's guidance I am now more in control of my emotions, I am much calmer, happier and can keep things in perspective a great deal more. I am much less reactive to stressful situations. I think I am more honest with myself and others, because I know myself better. I can let things go more easily now. My memory has also improved noticeably. In addition, I am sleeping much better, have much more energy, and am waking up before the alarm! I will continue with the meditations and would love to attend a retreat in the near future. Many many thank you's Lisa. Barbara

• I have thoroughly enjoyed the SHINE program, and have found my physical, as well as emotional progress has revealed just how much stress I was holding onto throughout the day. I was surprised how chilled I started to feel despite the meditation technique not being the most natural course to follow. I had used EFT Tapping techniques before but they just hadn’t worked around the degree of stressful situation I found myself in. Thanks to SHINE I’m much calmer, far more focused and have discovered how to use the technique to quite literally shine out just how happy I actually am with most of my life. This change has been picked up by the young people with autism who I work with, they are very tuned into others feelings. Therefore this has directly benefited my students and their lessons! I will keep practising every day, because the morning technique definitely sets up my mood for the whole day. Thank you Lisa!! Helen

• Before the SHINE program, I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown my anxiety would literally make me shake, I can control this better now, I feel a lot calmer. Even by the end of the first few weeks I felt much happier than I had been for a long time. By the end of the 6 weeks I felt much less stressed more positive in general. I feel like there is hope and I have successfully learned I can control my feelings and the crazy thoughts in my head. The tutorial webinars are not only really interesting, but helpful and very clear to understand. Thank you Lisa. I would love to do the Ibiza retreat one day! Claire

• Learning & using the SHINE technique has given me an opportunity to be still mentally and allow myself time to connect with my thoughts and emotions. It has helped me remain calm about situations that may previously have caused me to feel anxious and worried. It has helped me put negative thoughts and emotions into perspective and deal with them more rationally. Physically, the morning technique has set me up for the day and helped start the day off with good energy. In the evening, the technique has allowed me to identify things that may have come up during the day, forgive, make peace and fully relax for a good nights sleep. I now feel that I have something that integrates easily into my life, is easy to follow and adds benefit to my life. I am a lover of systems! I love the simplicity of the SHINE practice. Thank you Lisa for allowing us all to Shine even brighter!!! Susanne

• I started the SHINE trial with anxiety, and during the program, I've been much more in control of that. I have really enjoyed the benefits of SHINE, thank you Lisa. And I'm determined to continue and make it part of every day. Barbara

• I love SHINE and am recommending to friends and colleagues! Since starting, I have felt less triggered by situations by having a clear purpose and appreciation at the front of my mind. I have found it much easier to separate stimulus and response rather than rush into things. I've felt much calmer and my brain has been much clearer. Reducing my stress levels has been the biggest benefit. Overall it just make me much calmer and more balanced. Many thanks once again Lisa. Lesley

• The physical benefits from SHINE are that I'm sleeping better. Mentally and emotionally I am finding it a lot easier to deal with stresses. However the most transformative benefit for me has been peace. I feel at peace. My mind is clearer and I am able to focus more on the good.. I am calmer, happier and more able to focus. I have found the strength to make changes in my life I never thought possible. Other people have commented on the difference in my attitude and outlook. I am so grateful for this method of meditation, it is one I feel I can continue to use and move forward with. Sharon

• On the SHINE Program, I started each day with a more positive intent, which I found quite rapidly to translate into actions; I felt kinder and more open to people. I felt that I had more control and ‘say’ over my day. In the first few weeks, my sleep, never brilliant, had become deeper which led to me feeling more refreshed. I have learned that treating our minds with positivity and love is as important as treating our bodies with the right food and exercise. There are various components to SHINE, rather than solely a meditation technique, and I found all of it helpful without real exception. I would recommend it for those people looking for an effective change to a more hopeful and more balanced perspective. Sarah

• SHINE worked for me when I was emotionally broken, it gave me stability and focus, it got me back on track and feeling like myself again. Instant Bounce Back became my Go To technique when having that inevitable Emotional Wobble. Actively letting go of emotions or thoughts I do not need anymore. Helen

• Since using SHINE I've enjoyed increased mental clarity and physical calmness. Also I find it really good for easing emotional turmoil or overwhelm caused by multitasking. Physically I've noticed big changes, I had all sorts of problems with my tummy for quite some time (IBS & gluten allergy just to name a few) and after a week of doing SHINE the cramps on the left side of tummy slowly started to ease, this was a huge thing for me!! I've also been sleeping a lot better! It is now my go to for relief from overwhelm or anxiety. I would have never guessed all that can be sorted by meditating! Also I've had a more relaxed attitude to work and life. Heidi

• Since starting SHINE, mentally I have been more focus and clarity of though with a less scattered mind. Emotionally I have felt calmer and more relaxed in general. The physical benefits have been better quality sleep and my body has been less fidgety. However, the biggest benefit for me was connecting into my heart, rather than being in my head all the time. It allowed me to focus in on what I really wanted and made me feel less hopeless and more in control of my life. This technique is a real breath of fresh air for me, in that it takes elements from other practices but brings them together in a way that really works. I feel much calmer and more optimistic about the future, I didn’t think I would see such a difference in how I feel. Now I feel like I’m coming now from a place that is more authentically me. Jenny

• For me, SHINE lifted a mental and emotional fog I hadn't realised was there. I'm so grateful for this simple but life changing practice. It has brought so much clarity and positive energy into my life. Helping me return to a lifestyle I know makes me feel better. I would highly recommend it to everyone. First time meditators or seasoned meditators. I feel it would help all. Thank you for this, and I look forward to having this tool in my bag for life. Natalie

• Since starting the SHINE Program I've stopped worrying so much. I've learned to be more patient and be grateful for what I have now. I had exams and I didn't stress about them at all, or feel at all nervous, I felt able to trust in myself more so than before. I have really found benefit in following the shine program. I wasn't sure at first, however, the more I practised, the better I became at it. Im so glad I stuck to it, now I feel so much more positive about where I am in my life and where I am going. I've also become more productive I terms of moving forward, and more confident about my abilities to get to my future goals. I'm definitely going to continue with my practice! Maggie

• Since starting the SHINE Program I have slept more soundly and felt less anxious during the day and more in control of my emotions. The technique is simple and easy to follow but has had a massive impact on me. I have been able to deal with some difficult situations more easily than I would have done without using SHINE. It is allowing me to make time and space for myself, allowing me to be me, and challenging me to work on those negative thought patterns so that my thinking is more positive and my reactions to situations are done with thought and clarity. Others around me have noticed and fed back that in handling things in a more positive way. I highly recommend this program. Helen

• The SHINE technique really works! The most transformative effects for me were bringing love and attachment into my relationships at work and authenticity into my communication with my husband. Thank you. June

• Since starting SHINE I have felt more relaxed, more energised and more present with my body, when I feel something I can tune in and notice it and ask what is bothering me. I feel more clear and with less 'brain fog' I can see possibilities. Emotionally I have been feeling very stable, and patience has also improved, as well as my willingness to engage in social situations - where otherwise I would have just stayed in. The most notable change has been in my mindfulness, noticing my own resistance in the moment and correcting it more and more as time went on. This showed up as more patience, less arguments, and a deeper understanding of my fears and limiting beliefs. The simplicity of the routine was exactly what I needed. I felt a tremendous change day to day. Tracy

• Since using SHINE I feel more grounded, calmer, happier, more positive and more optimistic. Since day one, I started feeling 'lighter'. The biggest benefit has been learning how to instantly bounce back whenever I get upset, frustrated or angry I now feel I am in control of these emotions instead of them having control over me. What has really surprised me is how easy it is to achieve a new and amazing outlook on life! Amal

• SHINE has enabled me to become calmer mentally, and more emotionally stable. Realising now, that the mind can be changed is so liberating for me after 14 years of feeling helpless with anxiety and before SHINE, the belief that nothing would work. I now feel more confident that I have simple tools to support myself . I now plan to continue SHINE as a normal routine in my life just like I exercising my body. Caroline

• I am already noticing how much calmer and more grounded I feel in the rest of my life. I have been able to cope with most situations easily. Also I have noticed that my sleep is of a much better quality, so I am much less tired! Really enjoying SHINE, may our shining be a light in the darkness for others… I am fast becoming very passionate about the value of what you are doing here, and am over the moon to be part of it! Andrea

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