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water soluble vitamins include vitamin c & vitamin b. these vitamins can be dissolved in water. and can be transferred through the body in water.
vitamin c protects the body from infection. vitamin c is in citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli and tomatoes. if you are deficient in vitamin c you can contract scurvy.
vitamin b helps the body make new cells. Vitamin b can be found in foods such as dark leafy greens and vegetables. if you are deficient in vitamin b it can result in the contraction of spina bifida.
fat soluble vitamins. these vitamins including vitamin k, vitamin a, vitamin d, & vitamin e. these vitamins are transferred through the body dissolved in fats.
vitamin k helps blood to clot normally. Vitamin k can be found in dark and leafy greens. and a deficiency of this vitamin can result in abnormal bleeding and bruising.
vitamin a promotes good vision, hair, and skin. vitamin a can be found in red, orange, and dark green vegetables. a deficiency in this particular vitamin can result in night blindness.
vitamin d helps build and maintain bones and teeth. vitamin d can be found in milk and dairy products and sunlight. a deficiency in this vitamin can result in rickets.
vitamin e protects the membrane of white and red blood cells. it can be found in vegetable oils, fruits, and vegetables. A deficiency in this particular vitamin can result in poor nerve connection and neurological problems.
calcium strengthens bones and teeth. the most common source of calcium is from dairy (milk). a deficiency in calcium can result in osteoporosis.
iron helps make red blood cells, and it helps our muscle store and use oxygen. iron most commonly comes comes from animal products. a deficiency in iron can cause anemin.
sodium and potassium help to maintain fluid balance in the body. they can be found in salt, fruits and vegetables. the most common result of a deficiency of these is muscle cramps.
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