How do your ads perform within your industry? It’s time to get more actionable data and benchmarks for your creative.

The Opportunity: Include Your Ads in a Neuroscience Study

One of the most important metrics of ad performance is comparison against historical data, competitors, and your industry. How do you currently make these evaluations? Like most advertisers and agencies, you likely recognize the need for better creative benchmarks. We use neuroscience.

Example Overall Engagement Scores: Top 20 Super Bowl Ads

Participation in this study will provide:

Each study partner will receive a detailed neuromarketing analysis of your ads, including:

  • Second-by-second metrics of engagement
  • Overall engagement scores
  • Comparisons to your competitors
  • Comparisons within your industry
  • A strategy for future advertising success
Example Second-by-Second Engagement Graphs: Comparing Two Anheuser Busch Ads

A Neuroscience Approach

We know that self-report methods like surveys and focus groups lack detail and are filled with biases (case in point: the presidential polls got it wrong, whereas SPARK Neuro was recognized by CNN for getting it right).

Instead of asking people how they feel, we tap into the source--the human brain and nervous system. We combine EEG to read brain activity, GSR to quantify emotional arousal, Facial Encoding to capture micro- expressions, and Eye Tracking to measure visual patterns.

Tech setup of key neurometric and biometric sensors above.

The Data: Complicated Algorithms to Create Simple Results

Our algorithms take these thousands of data points per second and convert them into simple measures of attention, emotion, and overall engagement based on brain activity and other biometric responses.

The data is intuitive. See it first-hand by watching the following 60 second video example of our output:

How to Participate

  1. We are limiting participation to 10 companies. Please reserve a slot as soon as possible.
  2. Industries being tested include Consumer Packaged Goods, Home & Garden, Automotive, Health & Beauty, Insurance & Finance, Electronics & Communications, Pharmaceutical & Medical, Travel, Apparel & Accessories. Please specify the category you would like to participate in or if your industry may be missing.
  3. We will not accept new partners past May 25th. Please be sure to sign up in advance of that date.
  4. Each participant can include 2 minutes of video content per slot purchased.
  5. You can divide your 2 minutes up to test: (a) Content already being aired, (b) Content in development, (c) Competitor content of interest, (d) 15, 30 and/or 60 second ad lengths.

Get in Touch

For more information about participation, please email to schedule a meeting.

(212) 201-9292

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