Spooky Season Photos by Kelsey Jones

Nightmare on Edgewood

Hakk stands out in the parking lot making people laugh with his flame thrower. He named his flame thrower pack Giggle Juice.
At Nightmare on Edgewood, there is a sign as you enter that acts as the movie sign. There is a theme at the beginning of the haunt as if people were walking into a movie theater.
In the entrance there is a green giant who stands up to give information about the haunted house and new COVID-19 rules.
(left) The mannequin starts out laying in her bed until someone walks in front of the sensor which starts a timer before she rises and shakes (right).
Two actors from the dentist attraction stand in a doorway before they open and let guests walk through.
A tray of medical bottles sit on the dentists chair in the dentist office room.
In the barn attraction there is a row of in pumpkins in the jack-o'-lanterns room.

Hanna Haunted Acres

During the hayride at Hanna Haunted Acres there is a Ouija board attached to the side of one of the buildings. The sign then lights up at night for riders to see.
Along the trail the riders can ride past a zombie in a biohazard can.
A pumpkin sits along the trail during the jack-o'-lantern section of the hayride.
In one of the attractions there is a skeleton sitting in an opening in the wall.
In the neon attraction there is a wall of neon painted hands. The employees painted these hands on the wall one night at 3 a.m. after not knowing what to do with the wall.

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