Where else would I be? By: Annabella Powell

Monday, March 23, 2020

This photo represents my virtual learning and how schools were shut down.

It has been one week since all LAUSD schools were forced to shut down due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. My family has been waiting in long lines at stores like Ralph’s, Costco and Rite-Aid. I think it’s absolutely crazy what they have been going through at stores like Ralph’s who are only allowing 50 people in at a time. The government is currently telling us that we won’t be back until May 4th, but I think it’s going to take longer because so far they haven’t found an alternative to curing this virus. My teachers have been keeping in touch with me through schoology and are currently planning Zoom meetings throughout the week to keep us on track. It seems that some students are treating this like vacation and are not doing any work assigned to them. I know that all I have been doing is homework and being with my family so I really have nothing to worry about. My teachers are grading are constantly giving me due dates for assignments with grades so I have to be on top of all of my work.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

This is a screenshot of the doctor in the video published by the New York Times that my mom showed me.

Today my mom showed me a video of a doctor who was interviewed by the New York Times that explained to the media what was going on in her hospital. She explained how there was a limited amount of ventilators and how in order to adapt to this situation they learned how to hook up two people to one ventilator. The doctor also talked about how there is a limited amount of masks for anyone who needs them and also a limited amount of medical supplies overall. The doctor also explained how a refrigerated truck came to pick up the bodies that had past away. I asked my mom where the bodies were going and she told me that the were going to be burned. She told me it was a mass incarceration. I just looked at her in shock, thinking about all those families that wouldn’t be able to receive their family members ashes or have funerals or at least a proper burial, but no, none of those families have that luxury right now. I couldn’t figure out a reason why not to have these funerals, and I just thought that there must be too many bodies or to have funerals a lot of people are usually clumped up together which is dangerous right now. Hearing about this just made me very sad and grateful that none of my family members have to go through this.

Friday, March 27, 2020

This is a photo from an NBC article that discusses how cases in New York doubled in one day.

Today I haven’t heard much from the news, I only remember hearing about New York and how it is the epicenter of the virus. I also remember hearing that Oueens, New York is the epicenter of the epicenter. I think it is safe to say that this virus is only spreading faster and getting worse. Many people are saying that the virus will get worse before it gets better. I’m just glad that my parents, grandparents, and uncles are home because I don’t want any of my loved ones to catch this. My grandma is trying to figure out how to make masks and donate them to a local hospital. It worries and angers me that Trump wants to open up the country some time soon because that means everyone I live with has to go back to work which puts them more at risk of getting the virus. We’re all just very worried, especially my grandma. I worry for my grandparents mainly because they are more susceptible to getting the virus.

Monday, March 30, 2020

This is my plant that I named Baby Yoda and I am very dedicated to keep it alive.

So today I haven’t done too much except my homework and getting online with my zoom meetings. My mom is trying to keep my sister and I active so in early in the morning she wakes us up and says we’re going for a walk around our neighborhood with our dog, Toffee, making sure to stay away from people. My grandma gave me a tiny succulent from her garden in a little pot and I was so happy to have something to look after, and to mainly keep myself “entertained” with during the quarantine. I’ve been watering every two days, I named it, I gave him a nice living space in a little fairy lamp my grandma got for me, originally used for my quinceañera, and everyday I let him have sun time in my window.

Wednesday, March 1, 2020

A photo of my AirPods “alive” and “healthy” and at long last back home.

Today has been a calm day for the 17th day in quarantine. The same things are being are being said on the news. I stopped listening and watching the news because all I ever hear is Donald Trump and I’m just so annoyed about that complete fool on TV that’s doing absolutely nothing to help the situation that our country is in right now and I just get so mad talking about that fool. Also after a complete two months I found my AirPods which I thought were at Ralph’s this entire time!!!!! I was sooooooooo excited that I had found them, (well technically my sister found them butI was the one who realized that they were under there) it was a team that effort.

Thursday, March 2, 2020

A screenshot of the avengers movies in chronological order that me and my uncle are watching.

Today my mom let me take my dog on a walk by myself and it the weather was so nice. Since quarantine started I’ve been noticing a lot more people in my neighborhood going outside, which in my opinion I would say is good and bad at the same time because, there are a bunch of people going out at the same time and that could mean spreading of germs when people get close to each other, but otherwise it’s good that people are making an effort to excercise and be active besides our country’s situation. Besides taking my dog on a walk I was helping my mom clean up our guest room. Besides doing my homework my uncle and I started watching the Avengers movies in chronological order, which is pretty fun to piece together the events in chronological order, considering I haven’t done this in the past.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

A photo of my dad and I playing a round of badminton with my dog watching us break every rule of badminton.

Today is Easter and it was a great day. My parents set up an Easter egg hunt for my family and I to do, we exchanged Easter gifts, and my dad suprised us with a badminton set complete with all the bells and whistles. It came with four rackets, four birdies, (or whatever they’re called) a net and posts for the grass. We don’t have grass at my house so instead we used the gate of our driveway as a makeshift net and it worked perfectly. My grandma, sister, dad, and I all played a couple of rounds while my grandpa and mom where on the sidelines laughing whenever one of us swung and missed the birdie. I had so much fun. After everyone else went inside my dad and I spent and extra two hours playing just hitting the birdie back and forth, yelling “POINT!” every time the birdie landed on eachother’s sides. Once we were done my sister and I got all dressed up to take Easter photos on our balcony and then my uncle and I went to pie at Marie Calenders which we had been craving for a while. He asked me to make him a Boston creme pie, which sounds fun. I can’t wait to spend six hours baking a pie. We got home dinner was ready, we said grace and dug in because after that long game of badminton I was starving! We ended the day with a delicious slice of pie, it was a great day!

Monday, April 13, 2020

A photo of my dog, Mia who is bored in this photo because she’s usually the most active out of the three dogs we have.

Today is not of any importance except that Spring Break is over unfortunately and I’m sad that my long needed break is over. No need for me to worry though because in about two and a half months and a couple of days summer will be here, but I’m applying for two classes so my learning will be far from done. It will keep me busy though which I guess is a good thing because it doesn’t look like club waterpolo will be up and running which is sad because I was really looking forward to it. It seems that it’s a cloudy gloomy day and so far it’s been passing by super slow and it seems as if my dogs are waiting until they get the house to themselves again. I know my black lab is annoyed with all of us in the house. She won’t stop whining, but it’s only because she’s bored and she doesn’t get the house to herself. Nevertheless we found a toy to keep her mind active and busy thank goodness for Kong dog toys!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A photo of one of the bunnies that I think came out very nicely!

Today I did not do much except all my class work and homework. I watched out my window occasionally as it was a very beautiful clear day and I watched the sunset outside of my wimdow. My plant has been living the life, he has had sun and water every two days, a nice painted pot to live in, so I’m convinced he is having a better time in my house than I am. I’ve had a lot of time to read so I’ve been reading like crazy and I’m planning on finishing my current book (and the final of the series) on Saturday so I’m looking forward to the ending. In my other leisure time I have been quilling, which is a paper art that includes rolling thin strips of paper and shaping them into anything you want. My mom’s closest friend (who is also our neighbor) requested three bunnies in a frame because over the years she lost two and recently lost another one which I thought was so sad so I have been working on that and I think it is coming out very well. I should be done with the entire frame and all the bunnies by Saturday or Sunday I hope.

Wednesday April 15, 2020

A photo of the book that I am reading with my book mark peeking out revealing that I am nearly done with the book!

I didn’t do much today except take some more photos of my plant because I thought that the sun coming through the windows was giving my photos really nice lighting. I worked some more on the bunnies and read some more in my book which is getting very interesting and I haven’t been able to put it down except when I really have to because I have to work on my class work and homework. All Ike really been wanting to do is read my book though. I have a long list of books I want to read, but I would also have to buy them because libraries are down and I’m sure there are other ways but I prefer having my own books and owning them, it’s just a thing I have.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Just a few of the books on my list that I want to read.

I am currently finishing up my homework and class work for the weekend counting down the minutes until I will have nothing to do for two days except finish my book and quill. Probably going to do some family things over the weekend, but I am not sure yet. I’ve been looking at lists of YA books like crazy and I wish I had the money to buy all the books I wanted and to build myself a bigger library shelf because I am running out of room. We’ve been having some very good dinners at my house. Wednesday my aunt made this zucchini lasagna with this other pasta and bread from The Cheesecake Factory. How they got their hands on that bread I have no idea but it was delicious. My mom made very good spaghetti with garlic bread that I thought was very scrumptious.

Monday, April 20, 2020

A photo of my new mint colored chucks with the crystals on the back sparkling in the sun.

So today I had the weirdest assignment to do for my theater class. I had to draw Martín Lawerence and Will Smith in ancient Egyptian clothing. I would have to say that I didn’t do half bad and I think that my sketch of Martin Lawrence was the better out of the two. After I finished all of my homework I worked on my bunnies, which I didn’t get to finish over the weekend because I was working on a lot of my theater assignments. I was pretty happy today though because my mom for the first time in forever put crystals on my shoes!! I thought they looked soo pretty and I started taking a bunch of photos of them in the sun in my room because I was getting really nice lighting. When the sun goes down and my window is open I usually get like the best lighting so I start going crazy taking photos of anything in reach. I also didn’t get to finish my book which has set me back and I really wasn’t happy about the set back that my theater work gave me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

This was the background that I used for one of my zoom calls.

Happy Earth Day! Today was a pretty good day! We had this zucchini lasagna for dinner with chicken on the side that was so delicious!!! I absolutely love that dish that my aunt makes here and there. We all watched Jane Goodall, the new biography on Disney +. I thought the documentary was so beautiful, which talked about the journey that the real Jane from Tarzan went on with her chimps. I guess my uncle got early access to the show because he works for Disney so thats why we were able to watch the documentary early, which was pretty cool because I thought it was a beautiful story. My uncle and I took orders down and went to go pick up sundaes at McDonalds for my family. When we came home we all ate our ice cream and watched the movie. It was a really nice day.

Friday, April 24, 2020

A couple of the photos on my camera roll of my dogs. In the top right, Toffee is staring out my window while laying on top of my desk. In the bottom both my dogs, Mia and Toffee are hanging out together, watching all of us come and go.

So today has been a busy busy day for me considering that I had a buttload of assignments to take care of and turn in. It didn’t help that two of them took at least four hours to complete in total. My brain and eyes hurt from looking at my screen for so long. I guess that’s another negative of quarantine. We are all looking at our screens no much more they can cause headaches and such rather that being in the classroom where you would probably just get a headache from other rowdy students if you really weren’t feeling well. I don’t know what we are doing for dinner tonight but I hope it’s something other than soup because I am starving from not taking a break other than lunch at noon today. Changing the subject, I think my dogs are the most popular things on my camera roll because I don’t have any other pictures of anything else! Oh boy. I guess an overall summary for my day would be that my brain is all over the place and I need to sleep.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Both of the cards that I made for my uncle’s birthday. One from my family and then the other from my grandparents.

Today is my uncle’s birthday and I have a feeling that we are going to do something special considering that we’re in quarantine and we can’t really go out anywhere. I would consider this my first time celebrating one of my family member’s birthday in quarantine so I thought it was very interesting. We brought home food from this Portuguese place and then after we had this “new” banana cheesecake from The Cheescake Factory and I thought it was very delicious. After all that my uncle opened all his gifts. I worked really hard on his cards and I was super happy with the turnout of both of them. I didn’t get a lot of schoolwork done today because I was working on my uncle’s cards so it was a semi-busy day for me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A couple of the pictures that I have taken that I really like, throughout the quarantine.

Today I was really tired and it also felt like a really slow day. I have two things that are really big that I need to work on which is my theater midterm project and my AP world history test. Besides that one of my friends has inspired me to start working out as I have put on a little weight myself and I haven’t been really active because of everything going on. I have been working a lot and after I’m done working at my computer my eyes are really tired and all I want to do is sleep. I have been taking a lot of pictures of my sister and my dogs and I am planning on making a quarantine movie of all the pictures and videos that I have taken.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

These are the three bunnies that I made for my mom’s friend.

Today is a very active day so far. My mom, sister and I went to Starbucks which was very yummy. When we got home we ate and then my mom was like “Why don’t we finally finish the bunnies today” and so I was like “Yeah sure!” So my mom got to work mainly because I’m the one who quills and my mom is the one that puts the sparkle and shimmer. In the process of gluing the bunnies onto the board we then realized that after they were in the ending stages of drying that we had put them on the wrong way because on the back the hanger thing (I have no idea what you call it) where you place the frame on the wall was upside down!! So that was a big problem. We ended up detaching the cardboard from the base where you put your material and putting the cardboard on the correct way. It ended up working out and looking very pretty. I loved the way it looked. When we took it to my mom’s friend’s house her reaction was the best and I was so glad that she like it. She started crying because it was so beautiful and I was so happy.

Monday, May 4, 2020

A couple of pictures of me and my friends.

Today is an okay day so far. It’s pretty hot right now and I’m super busy with my college class midterm and I’m super stressed out about it. I’m not to sure about one of my teammates that I’m working with. She hasn’t really been on top of her stuff, but besides that I’m just planning for the project. I’ve been missing all my friends which isn’t a feeling that I haven’t really been feeling, but something about today is just making me feel really nostalgic. Aside from my work I have been keeping in touch with all my friends and it definitely is different from what I’m used to (DEFINITELY) I would say I’m usually the most hyper out of my friend group and like I always forget that I’m not the youngest one, but that’s how I always feel cause I’m always energetic. I would definitely say that all my other friends always just pick up off of my energy and then they feel hyper too, if that makes any sense. Overall I just miss them a lot.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

This is Bosco, our Labrador that we recently lost.

It’s nearly Mother’s Day and I’ve already considered a couple of gifts for my mom. We already got my grandma a bunch of things like face masks, her favorite candy, some ankle socks that are supposedly supposed to help her feet and a miniature coffee machine for her room as a joke. As for my mom I got her this white LA Dodger hat that she pointed out that she wanted. I told my dad to get her flowers the day before and also chocolates and hot Cheeto fries. I’m thinking that since I liked the masks and they were super nice I’m going to get her some as well but for her birthday. For my mom’s birthday I’m also considering giving her this quilled nightmare before Christmas thing of Jack and Sally because it’s her favorite, but now I’m also considering making her this quilled Labrador thing, because we recently just lost one. I think she would like that better.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Picture of all of my plants. The top two is a comparison of my first plant, what it was before and after.

Today has been an okay day so far. My mom loved her gifts and cards that she got from my sister and I. My grandma also loved her gifts from us as well. My theater project is finally over and man was I so aggravated when I found out that I was doing all that work for 60 points! I completely thought it was like 100! I was worrying for nothing. On Saturday my family and I watched Infinity War and it was super super good!!! I loved it so much. Still have two movies to finish in the chronological order so I’m excited for that. After my uncle and I are going to start the Star Wars series! I can’t wait for that one. My plants are growing very well. I can’t remember if I mentioned that I got three more plants. I painted their pots and named them and they all look super cute.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The flower

So today I was out an about in the garden and I saw this really pretty flower and I love this flower because every year this cactus just gives us such beautiful flowers and sometimes there are like three at a time, most of the time too or maybe just one and they just give off this really happy feeling and my grandma and I always look forward to this flower because we just love the way it looks and how beautiful and strong this flower is. This cactus has been through a lot and there are two others around the garden but this particular one has stayed strong and has given us flowers. I appreciate this flower because of how much it has survived and because of how beautiful it is.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Toffee, during and after her walk.

Today this morning I got to take my dog, Toffee on a walk and it was a really peaceful walk because there was no one outside. From past walks usually people would have been out, but considering it was Friday I guess people slept in. I would definitely sleep in if it was the day after my AP exam, but thats not quite here yet. Toffee and I had a nice walk, there was nice weather, no one else was out, it was quiet and you could just briefly close your eyes and listen to the birds.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

A tik tok that I thought was a great idea

So today my mom, sister and I went to target and I found this “Little People See n Say” is what its called and I thought of this ingenious tik tok which took this baby toy, painted on top of the designs and then painted on the logos of like restaurants and drive thru places and when u pressed the button or something (I forgot how they worked) the arrow pointed to the place you would eat at. I thought it was such a creative idea because my family and I like to go out for multiple reasons: 1) Celebrating either a birthday or great achievement, 2) movie nights we like to eat in, or 3) no one feels like cooking, which isn’t most of the time but sometimes ;) So i thought wow this is great since we’re a big family sometimes its hard for us to choose so why not? And then my mom said no hahaha, but soon very soon I will be able to hehe and create a better looking one!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A picture of the birthday party that we went to, to say happy birthday to one of my sister’s friends.

This week is going to be a very stressful week for me because I have my AP test for World history on Thursday. I’ve been super stressed out about it because it is my first AP test and although I have been studying for quite a while I am still really nervous. Anyways, besides studying (which I have been doing all day) I took a break and went with my mom and sister to go to a drive-by happy birthday party for one of my sister’s friends in her class. It was super cute! Her parents went all out with the decorations and had balloons and one of her family members was making huge bubbles which was super cool. I remember when I was really young my dad and I used to do that all the time and it was soo cool.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Screenshot of the submission screen I got after I completed everything.

Today was the day and I honestly do not know how to feel about my AP exam. I’m in a grey area with it. I feel I did good and then I did bad at the same time. Mainly I’ve been feeling good so that’s good. Last night, I was reading nothing but my notes and I’ve been reading this book that I haven’t been able to put down and so last night I was really bummed and tempted to read my book, but I forced myself to study till I fell asleep. My mom said that the last thing we read are the things that we most likely remember or something like that. I remember when I was in this acting class when I was younger I would read my lines every time I would go to sleep and that would help me remember them better. I was so relieved when everything was done!

Friday, May 22, 2020

The necklace on the left and the picture of Bosco on the right ❤️🤎

Today has been a great day. I haven’t really done a lot of work today except read my book, which I have been obsessed with reading and I haven’t been able to put it down. Other than that after breakfast we had to go to my mom’s work to pick up some stuff and then after I had to go to Birmingham to clear out my locker at the pool. I got to see some of my friends from my team today, which I was so happy about. Two of my friends were so so sweet because they knew that one of my dogs had passed and so they took it upon themselves to get me this beautiful necklace that had a picture of my dog inside it. I was so surprised to have gotten it and I even cried because it was such a good surprise and it was so so thoughtful. I love them so much, they are all so sweet. It made my day today!!❤️ Another thing that made my day today was that I got to see my friend today. He biked over to my house and said hi and we talked a little while (being social distanced of course) and it was just super good to see him and see that he was doing good. Today was a really special day.

Friday May 29, 2020

A couple of flowers that we got, orange and lemon rose on the far right.

Today I tried getting my math final done today but my mom, grandma, sister and I ended up going to the Sego Nursery in Burbank. It was like a jungle over there. We were looking around and there were these narrow aisles with plants caving in. It was a real secret garden. I had a lot of fun looking around and dragging along the wagon that carried all of our plants. We ended up getting this beautiful orange and lemon rose (which is its name) that was the last one! It really was a good day for my grandma, she was so happy she got the last one.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

A photo from the Long Beach Post.

Today was a regular day, nothing much fun about it. Went to Home Depot this morning then Starbucks to get something to eat. Went home and my parents had to finish painting some cabinets they have been working on for these built-ins in my house for the past month and a half. They look super nice. At this point they’re almost done finishing them, now they just have to pick out the hardware for the handles. Most of the day my family and I were watching the news because all of these protests for George Floyd were going on. We had been watching it since it started and it’s empowering to see all of these people nationwide standing up for a cause that has long been brushed off by society. I support their cause because when you think about it, police brutality, racism has gone on for way too long than it should’ve been going on. These people are frustrated and I don’t blame them. This needs to come to a stop.

Monday, June 1, 2020

My watercolor bookmarks

It’s finally June and that means the end of the school year and a nice long break for some people HA. Yeah unfortunately that’s not me. I’m taking summer school this summer and they seem like pretty easy classes, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. I have a feeling there is just going to be a lot of work considering that it is a eight week class or something like that, maybe even six weeks. It’s fine cause this summer unlike everyone else I didn’t have a lot of plans of going out especially with this pandemic going on. Other people can go out, but not for me no thank you, I’d rather be bored out of my mind than suffering from COVID-19. It’s completely fine I have MANY books to keep my mind working. My mom asked me how many words I had read this school year and I told her 1,061,735 words and she told me that wasn’t enough considering I had read more words in 6th grade. 🤷‍♀️ I also just finished this really short 300-something page book in like three days, which surprised me a little and I haven’t added that amount yet. I also made these really nice bookmarks that I thought looked really good after I finished I was really proud of my work.

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