A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By Jemmy barrera

The social Experience: I ended up going alone and this picture was when I just got inside the building. There were still a lot of people in the lobby and everyone was taking pictures. The people that were working at the theatre were really nice and welcoming and they showed you where everything was. I noticed that a lot of the students who attended were overall excited , but not too many people showed up.
The Spatial experience: When i entered the auditoriumI was fascinated by how large it was. As shown in the picture above to the right, the workers guiding the aisles were handing out play bills. The theatre was halfway filled and I was seated next to a teacher and a student. It might have felt like more upbeat energy had there been more people attending. There was lots of chatter and among the students before it started , but once the lights dimmed it got super quiet. It's was exciting to see and experience a play and as part of the good life it is fun being able to share that with other people, even if they are strangers.
Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play took place during the rise of the Industrial Era. The play really expressed the issues that were going on during that time, like child labor and poverty. Before this play I knew that there were movements being made to protect children and more jobs on factories were to try and give people jobs. The performance made me see the issue in a different perspective by showing a more detailed and intimate story. I think that these issues are still somewhat prevalent today in our society. I relate to it more personally as someone who has been able to move up in their life. I understand how difficult and how much hard work it is to get out of financially hard situations. It has helped me in my personal growth.
Emotional experience: There were many moments of "coming clean" to the audience. Some of these moments were when the actors said that theatre and play were only for people with money. This was to show that its usually only people who can afford to watch it, that can enjoy it. Entertainment in this form was reserved for the higher social classes and elites. Being alive at that time and watching it might make someone understand their own biases and might change their perceptions of thinking. These ideas still hold today , and someone may see that that play and think that they should be more open to understanding other people's problems and how they live.

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