Love, Lucy ...

Ciao, ciao, ciao bellas!! WOW do I have a lot to tell y'all about my last two weeks!! HUGE apology for the late post (@ Dad, thanks for the call out on my Facebook wall for all my friends to see, really appreciated it), but my computer has been broken for 2 weeks time and you know how those Italians are... no rush to get anything done (eye roll). But I'm good, we're good, everything is good. If you get a chance, plz say a short prayer for my MacBook because Lucy here is running out of money being that abroad student that she is, and so the cheaper the better, amIright. ANYWAYS. I went to Venice!! & my favorite Iowa boys came to visit!! Read on to learn more about it!! (or skim, scroll, just look at the pictures, whatever pleases you this Thursday afternoon)

"I thought Pinterest was kidding about this place!" - Abby Kalenberg, everyone

Our program took us to Venice 2 weekends ago and honestly, we came into it with low expectations. Rumor had it Venice wasn't the most exciting, their food was mediocre, and it had a weird smell to it (it was just salt water, hello)... But these people were wrong, wrong wrong!! We immediately got off of our train and were STUNNED by the ~views~ Venice had to offer. An entire city that traveled by boat?! Don't mind if I do. We hopped onto our "ferry taxi" that took us to our hotel on one of the 100+ islands of the city. Enduring a 2 hour long tour around the main islands definitely tested our patience, but we couldn't have asked for better weather (or better gelato) to get us through. Highlights included seeing where the infamous gondolas were actually made, St. Mark's square, and witnessing a glass blowing demonstration. OH and the cute little town of Burano that had too many colors to count- cue photo shoot in front of every...wall...possible.

Ok the people may or may not have been right about the food... although you can't really screw up gelato or spaghetti, it is TBD if there is delicious squid ink pasta out there in the world. Although now I can say "been there, done that", about the teeth-staining black-ink dish, I don't know if I'd go for it again. But, HEY, they couldn't screw up the wine!! Our hotel was located around the corner from a couple restaurants with patio seating only Maynard's could compete with. I sure am going to miss sunset happy hours with my ROMEies come May, but we won't think about that now, will we.

ft. a women's parade of gondolas in the background, "Women's March", Venice style I guess

Ok absolute favorite part of Venice and last thing I'll say... we rode a gondola people!! They exist and are not just in movies!! There is a man in stripes!! & he stands and paddles you around the canals of Venice!! There is ONE myth though, and it is the singing (I asked Matthew to belt one out for us and he politely declined... maybe next time).

Fast forward to Sunday evening, when I got to come home from Venice to my boys!!! Devon, Weber, and Will endured roughly 24 hours of travel; riding planes, trains AND automobiles to get themselves from Iowa to Rome. And BOY am I glad they did! The New Girl lover in me convinced my roommates to coexist with the three boys for 8 whole days. No one quite resembles Schmidt (really a shame), but Devon was a close second. Despite the doubts (and there were a lot) living with the boys for the week was too much fun. And a breeeeezeeee and a half! They cook (mighty well too), they clean, and they ~attempt~ to be quiet when returning from a night out at 6am..... It didn't take us long to turn them into a wine loving, sunset watching, bunch of boys, that's for sure.

Although we had our highs and lows of the week... I'd like to highlight some of our favorites, shall we?

LOWS: 1. Devon having ZERO capability of being quiet, even when sneaking home at early hours of the morning (uncontrollably laughing will not fool anybody, kid)

2. Attempting to play tour guide with jet lagged, over-tired, slightly intoxicated humans. Cue 11:20 am naps on the cobblestone. COMFY!!

3. Unlimited food and wine at Tony's on Tuesday night... GOD FORBID THAT PLACE. NEVER AGAIN.

HIGHS: 1. Waking up Sunday morning with only 1/3 of the boys in the apartment, but somehow all making it to see the Pope daddy pop out of his little window to say mass. Y'all needed a little Jesus that morning I think, and he knew it

2. Weber & Will can COOK ladies!! Take our word for it!! We already miss having them around, getting ~creative~ in the kitchen for us.

3. We successfully shared one bathroom between 4 girls and 3 guys for over a week. Hold. The. Applause.

Well, well, well, 2 weeks summed up as brief and as descriptive as possible for those who still keep up with these things. I hope you enjoyed reading about my time, as much as I've enjoyed writing about it! Tomorrow, I'm off to Barcelona to see some of my very best friends from Madison & from home, and I cannot WAIT to squeeze them (17 hours but who's counting!!!!). Until then, here are a couple pictures of myself that accurately depict my feelings after spending this much time in Italy. PURE BLISS PPL. @Rome, thx for letting me call you home for the past couple of months and allowing me to show some of the most important people in my life why I'm so gosh-darn in love with you.... Arriverderci!! Ciao bellas!!

Love, Lucy

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