Overusing Technology By: Cara

Is Technology Being Overused?

In the generation that you’re living in, children and teenagers ages of 3-18 already probably mastered how to use technology. There are 2 reasons of why. 1, Parents. Parents give their children technology instead of toys- because their young ones even prefer technology over toys. And it also depends on who your parents are. If your parents gave you technology over the years you’ve grown up, then than that’s probably one of the reasons of the other reasons why you’re overusing technology. Toddlers and children in our generation are learning skills online instead of using toys. Children are becoming more and more independent- they’re spending more time indoors watching youtube videos rather than going outside to run around. Teachers are also one of the reasons students overuse technology. Instead of writing or reading things of of paper, they receive emails of documents to write on, or documents to read off of. This tells us that furthermore in the future, schools probably won’t be using paper and notebooks anymore.

Is It a problem?

Although it may not seem like it’s a problem, it truly is. When you're walking to school, or in a library, look around. You’ll see children, adults, and even elders using their devices. My school library isn’t really a place to read anymore. Students bring their laptops just to play video games, or to chat with friends on Skype. Barely anyone's on the playgrounds running around anymore. It's being overused all the time to the fact people start craving for devices.

Consequences of overusing technology:

* Health problems

* Attitude problems

What are the health problems people could receive from using technology too much? So thinking when you use technology, you're probably sitting down or at least not moving as much as you would if you were playing sports. So think about it. You're not moving for around 7 hours everyday. This could lead to diabetes since you're not moving around enough. And what is diabetes? Diabetes is a disorder caused by eating too much, or not exercising as much as the body needs. 1 American gets diagnosed with Diabetes every 3 minutes. It can lead to blindness, kidney failure, heart failure, amputations and stroke. What are the attitude problems people could also get? Once someone's fell through the route where they use it SO much to the fact they think they NEED it in life, they may gain some attitude issues. Even if most adults didn’t grow up with technology, they can learn to use it very quickly. Once they learn to use it, they obviously use it more and more often, until it completely takes over one's life.

Why is Technology being overused?

You know that technology is being overused, but what’s the real reason of why? Why has being online completely changed people’s lives? According to a Eze Castle integration employee, "Technology makes our lives more convenient and easier. You can search all the information you need online and get all the answers you need. With all the new technologies coming out every day, there’s definitely a product out there that can fulfil your needs.” So if we wrap it all up, they’re claiming that people use technology because it’s easy and fun to use and it makes life easier. It truly does, but now with all this technology in the way people no longer use books to gather facts, or do their homework on paper or notebooks. It’s all on the edge of your fingertips. You could figure out anything from just typing in words in a search bar.


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