The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Maddie hancock

Spatial experience: When first entering the theatre I thought it was different that there were people there seating us in certain seats. I wish we could have picked our seats because then I would have maybe had a better view of the play. I was sat all the way to the left side of the theatre. When the lights went off and the audience silenced it definitely got me in the mood for watching the play. The social experience: I got ready for and attended the play with three friends of mine. I was glad to have them to go with because I was comfortable sitting by them. I was sitting by a stranger to my right though and he was on his phone texting during the play. This was unfortunate because it hindered my experience and the light from the phone distracted me. Overall though I enjoyed being with my friends because then we could discuss the play afterwards. The culture and intellectual experience: I did not know what to expect when coming to this play because I had no clue what it was about. I liked this though because I was able to watch it without any expectations. The central issue had to do with the conflict between the Catholic church and the art of theatre. It made me realize how different the times are compared to today considering the play took place in the 1900's. This really relates to the good life because you have to realize that to get to a good place in life you have to accept changes over time. The emotional experience: The Greek term "katharsis" means to "come clean" and it is a big theme in the play. I find this in the play through one of the seminarians because he is a part of the church and the church does not want anything to do with the theatre. This seminarian on the other hand loves acting and is obsessed with Sarah Bernhardt. She also comes clean in her few speeches about how they have progressed backwards over the years.

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