Intuitive Readers Prices are as follows: 15 minutes $25 - 30 minutes $50 - 45 minutes $75 - 60 minutes $90. must be 18 and over to receive intuitive services.


Psychic Medium ELISSA is available for Intuitive Readings the 2nd Saturday of the month from 11:30 am - 3:30 pm Elissa is an evidential medium (meaning evidence that your loved one in spirit is truly communicating with her, such as physical evidence, i.e. what your loved one looked like, how they died, age and sex, etc), psychic, Certified Intuitive Coach, Board Certified Life and Wellness Coach, and Reiki Master. Elissa also teaches various classes and facilitates events at the shop throughout the year, such as Intutitive Development, Tea With a Medium (TM), and our yearly seance.


ANITA is avaialble every Friday and the last Saturday of the month for Tarot and Astrology Consultations! Anita has been reading the Tarot and casting Astrological Charts for over 45 years. She works as an End of Life Doula with her own privately contracted patients and has learned a lot of natural healing tips and tricks and homeopathic remedies along the way. Tarot and Astrology can be used to heal as well. Affirmations, self-help/self-love, guidance, stress-relief and confidence building all work together to make us whole people and completely functioning in today's world. There is no such thing as a GOOD or a BAD consultation, each reading is meant to be energy for self-actualization. Every person should walk away with another bit of knowledge and guidance on what path to take next. Healing comes as we gain knowledge of ourselves.

Astrology Consultations are great gifts for anyone, especially those who are going through specific life passages and changes and need guidance and empowerment. Astrology Consultations require a set appointment. Work on the chart takes me a minimum of one week and no work begins without a 50% non-refundable deposit--there are no exceptions. These consultations generally require lots of time and research. Therefore, they are priced at a higher rate than a Tarot Consultation. Appointments are at least one hour in length and come with a keepsake chart and description in a fancy notebook that is excellent for gift giving. She will teach you how to read your own chart in one hour and how to apply the ongoing transits to your daily life. When you come to these appointments, be ready to take notes. It is impossible to price an Astrological Consultation because you can have it tailor made to specifically include the information that you want. A reasonable price estimation could be anywhere from $100 to $250 depending on the criteria you select. She is also reviving the ancient art of READING TEA LEAVES and doing Consultations with French Cartomancy while using the Lenormand Oracle, once popular in the salons of Paris!


RAINE is available for Intuitive Readings the 3rd Saturday of the month. Raine is a Psychic Seer and has been actively working with spirit since childhood, seeing and communicating with spirit energies, viewing past, present, and future situations & energy that has, currently is, and will be occurring in your life. Her soul's purpose is to assist others with Psychic insight, Spiritual guidance, Emotional healing, and Divine clarity. With 25 years experience,and ordained since 2007, Raine is available for Spiritual Mentoring, and Life Coaching. She has a deep affinity to crystals, nature, the elements of life (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit), all things Earth based, Holistic Forms of Healing, Astrological, Metaphysical, and Esoteric. She may utilize various forms of divination during your reading such as; Oracle cards, Tarot, Lithomancy ( Crystal/Stone casting ), Runes, Scrying ball/mirror, and Pendulum.


April Lark discovered her ability to tap into the world as an Empath early in her life. After learning how to successfully Shield, she was able to concentrate on connecting with others and tuning into their needs. In 2006, an enchanting deck of Russian Gypsy Fortune cards found their way into April’s life and chose her. Her tools (or as she calls them, “co-workers”) include both the Russian Gypsy and Deviant Moon decks, along with her pendulum and a fun version of the Rider Waite Tarot deck. If you’re not looking to have your cards read, April can just as easily read your palm. A skilled palmist, April reads both hands: dominant for your present life, and non-dominant for your most previous life. No matter which method you choose, April always makes sure that her guests have an engaging, entertaining, illuminating, and often surprising and uplifting experience with her. Both your comfort and privacy are of utmost importance. April will be at Alchemy and Ashes every Wednesday from 12:30 pm to 6 pm. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome.


JARRETT is available various days and times for Aura Analysis and Oracle Readings. Jarrett is an intuitive reader that uses oracle cards and aura sight to convey messages and bring new perspective to your life. As a child, Jarrett could see auras surrounding people, and learned how to identify emotion from the colors. He now uses this gift to be able to help others work through difficult times.


Rev. Karen May is a gifted Intuitive offering the following modalities – Psychic Mediumship, Intuitive Counseling, Psychometry and Pet Communication. Karen frequently can connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. Every reading is unique to each individual. Her readings provide a pinch from your past, a bit of the present with a glance into your future. She brings forth information from only the highest and best. With Karen’s deep rapport with God and the Angels your life will unfold. Rev. Karen May is at Alchemy and Ashes Thursday’s from 12-6pm. Walk ins are welcome!

For legal purposes: Spiritual consultations and intuitive readings are for entertainment only. Consultations are given in sacred space and with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. Clients must be over 18 years of age or have a parent or legal guardian present. Readings and consultations are not meant to substitute or supersede counseling with a licensed mental, social or health care professional. Alchemy & Ashes is not responsible for any liability regarding consultations and readings as Intuitive Readers do not direct the client to specific actions but offer them perspective, choices and possibilities.

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