Tattoos on the Heart Chapters 7, 8, &9 by Gracy smith

Chapter 7: Gladness

The theme of Chapter 7: Gladness, is the joy and gladness the lord feels for us, no matter who we are or what we do, and that "god created us- because he thought we'd enjoy it." The reason this chapter was titled Gladness was because it held many stories of the little things that give us Gladness even within the poorest lifestyles. My favorite story was the story of spider, who was a young gang member with a wife and two children and would watch his family eat before he would eat if there was any food left. What stood out in this story was the fact that spider found joy in watching his family eat, even though we would go many nights without eating.

Chapter 8: Success

The theme of this chapter is about how even though people's stories may end without making the most joyous improvements in life and many times ending in early death, their story is still successful because they decided to make the right change for themselves. The reason this chapter was titled Success was because Father Gregory Boyle shows us stories of some of the gang memebers he knew who had stories that would seem unsuccessful to many but deep down showed that these people where very successful before they had died. My favorite story in chapter eight was the story of Manny who had just made it into college at Rio Hando before being shot and killed by a rival gang; later, since Manny was an organ donor, two nurses were rolling his body to the surgery room and one nurse said,"who would want this monster's heart?" And the other nurse replied by standing up for the young boy. This story stood out to me because the nurse could have easily agreed with the other nurse and believe that the young boy was a "monster" but she knew that deep down he was a good person, especially with all of his friends and family sitting in the hospital and praying for him. His friends and family have proved that even though Manny died young, he had lived a successful life.

Chapter 9: Kinship

The theme of chapter 9: Kinship, is about how we must come together in, "Kinship- not serving the other,but being one with the other." The chapter was titled Kinship because it shows us that even if we are in "rival gangs" we can one day come together in Kinship and "the voices of the margins get heard and the circle of compassion widens." My favorite story was the story of Bandit who used to be a troublemaker before he soon married and had children. One day Bandit calls Father G and asks him to anoint his daughter before she goes off to college. This story stood out to me because it shows that amazing things can come from the bad, and that we can always look back at the past and laugh because we know that our past mistakes will help us learn and grow, no matter how bad it may seem at the time.


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