Capital Campaign Calendar & Events

Check back often for updates to our campaign-related events.

Reigniting the Campaign

Looking ahead:

  • January 30th at 9:30 AM - Preview of the Annual Report
  • February 8th at 7:00 PM - Annual Meeting via Zoom. Link below:

To update your pledge, either fill out the electronic form or printable card below:

Some history of the campaign:

  1. Each Sunday and Wednesday worship in September 2019 we celebrated our campaign themes of Refocus, Renew, Refresh, and Be A Light.
  2. Trinity's spotlight was prominent in the night sky, and every Sunday at 7pm, we hosted "Spotlight on Prayer" in the sanctuary. Members came to "refocus, renew and refresh" themselves so they could "be a light."
  3. Trinity Ambassadors handed out stickers, served during coffee hour, and volunteered in our Pop-Up Shop.
  4. The Capital Campaign Team held informational meetings leading up to one 9:00 am Traditional Service, followed by a Congregational Meeting for a campaign vote held on Sept. 29th, 2019:

5. December 3rd, the Capital Campaign Team announced the decision to Reignite the Capital Campaign with the announcement of a $1 Million match challenge by a Trinity member.

6. January marked the beginnings of reigniting of the campaign, followed by informal Q&A sessions offered as Campaign Conversations to answer frequently asked questions by the congregation.



Questions? Email us at: campaign@trinitymhd.org

Building upon God’s blessing of our rich history at Trinity, we seek to carry out God’s calling in a new time with bold new initiatives. Our faithfulness and fruitfulness will be measured in many ways, both large and small.
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