“Find me a human” Chat/Voice Challenge

Digital Tech Summit & Hackathon, Nürnberg, Oct. 19 - 22


To show a working prototype for a voice- or chat-mediated service that connects consumers to human experts in a given domain, i.e. legal, health, taxes, handiwork - or other any other area where there is consumer demand to interact with a human. The domain may be chosen by the participants.

For entering the challenge, working prototypes (="as a member of the jury, I can talk to / chat with the service and get answers") are a strong plus, those will be considered first by the jury. A prototype working on the corresponding hardware device is an additional plus.


Often, searching the internet for an answer is not good enough - questions around legal, health or tax problems are too personal and too filled with technical details to type them into a search engine. the need to interact with a human arises. The challenge is to use commercially available voice-based assistant or chatbot systems to enable a frictionless first step into contact with a human expert.

Technologies That Can Be Used

  • Voice Assistant Technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Microsoft Cortana and their related SDKs and Toolkits
  • Dialog / Chatbot systems like Wit.AI, Microsoft Bot Framework, Amazon Lex or others
  • Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation
  • and of course any other system that enables you to build prototypes fast.

What We Will Provide

The hackathon is part of the Digital Tech Summita top-notch 3 day digital conference with many speeches, workshops in Nuremberg, featuring around 300 developers, engineers, designers and many more creative minds from all over the world (Israel, Japan, France and many more) and top speakers supporting the event talking about the latest trends in tech.

  • For skills on Cortana, Amazon or Google, we will have ready-to-be-used devices available during the hackathon, on a first-come-first-served basis. You can register in advance for a device by e-mailing challenge@datenfreunde.com
  • Mentoring for the design of voice-based systems and cloud-based backends

What you can win

1st price - 5000€ 2nd price - 3000€ 3rd price - 1000€.

Get in touch with a human:

Martin Virtel - Mail: challenge@datenfreunde.com

Challenge presented by

In cooperation with Datenfreunde GmbH and Smart Orchestra

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