Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH A trip to florida museum of natural history

On Feb. 2, I went to Florida Museum of Natural History. At this place, I realized the relation between the nature and human. I am going to explain it through three steps: Nature on Display, Nature and Ethics and Nature and the Human Spirit.

Me and the frog exhibition

Nature on Display

A frog displayed in the museum

In the museum, all of the frog exhibitions are designed in this way. I think it is a wonderful design since it contains the artificial trunk, soil and leaves, mimicking the original environment those frogs lived in. In this surrounding, frogs can act as if they are still in their natural living place. Hence, observing these lively frogs becomes somewhat enjoyable.

Frogs displayed in the museum

Nature and Ethics

Me and butterfly specimens

The museum does provide me a means to admire the nature. Though this museum is not a big one, it still manages to offer the most "natural" experience. As I walked into the butterfly jungle, I was surprised. I had never been such close to such many butterflies. I walked down the path in the jungle, numerous butterflies flew beside me. The butterflies are also not resistant to human; even though there was only half a meter between me and them, I could turn on my phone and take a photo of them. This is the harmony between human and nature.

Butterfly specimens

Nature and the Human Spirit

A scene in the museum

In ordinary lives, people are always constrained by concrete, lacking the opportunity to see the "true" nature. It is fortunate that FLMNH can provide such a chance to enable us to embrace the nature and enhance the eyesight. For example, when a human is in the butterfly museum, he/she must be surprised that his/her body is immersed by the sea of leaves and butterflies rather than concrete in the city. The leaves and butterflies are the living things that can never be manufactured by humankind; it is impossible for humankind to create such a large amount of creatures. This is how the mystery and majesty of the natural world is sensed.

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