2K17 Goals

I want to pass my Junior year and make it to my Senior year and graduate at 2018

S. I want to pass 2017 with awesome grades and graduate at 2018

M. I can measure my goal by my grades in my progress report.

A. Yes, because I will get good grades and pass my EOC tests to make it

R. Yes, because all you have to do is pay attention in class and do your work

T. I have 4 months left in my Junior year, I better make them count. And keep checking my grades every other week.

I will lose weight and get down to 190 lbs. I will lose weight to the end of the year.

S. I want to get down to the weight of 190 lbs

M. I can measure that by the weight scale.

A. Yes, all I have to do is go on a good diet, exercise and continue on for months

R. Yes, because it is possible because it's only 27 lbs i have to lose.

T. I have 10 months to accomplish this goal, I will check my progress in a weight scale every month. Then when I am going good I will check every other week.

I want to be able to bench press 225 lbs by the end of my Junior year.

S. I want to bench 225 lbs by the end of my Junior year.

M. Yes, because I can keep track on how much I can lift.

A. Yes, if I continue to work hard; I will be able to do it.

R. Yes, because I am already at 210 lbs. All I need is 15 more pounds.

T. I have 4 months to accomplish my goal.

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