The Magical History Project By: Toren lebert 76

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Magical History Project, with your host Toren Lebert! So without further ado, let's get right into it!

We shall start our magical story on the year 1774, when the Quebec Act had been created.

What was The Quebec Act?

-was a treaty signed by Lord Guy Carleton of the British on June 22, 1774.

-was made so that British could give the French Canadians more land, freedom of faith and religion, and Quebec would be part of the British parliament. In return, Quebec would be loyal to Britain and not the Thirteen Colonies

Causes of The Quebec Act:

-The Thirteen Colonies were planning a war against Britain, so the British wanted Quebec to be on their side. This angered the Thirteen Colonies, because the land that the British gave Quebec was originally the Thirteen Colonies' land.

-Quebec then became 3 times larger, the Thirteen Colonies got smaller, and French Canadians were now required to pay British taxes

Why was The Quebec Act significant?

-The borders of Quebec and the Thirteen Colonies changed

-Other colonists from different countries got inspired to practice their own faith and religion

Now we will take our journey to the year 1775, when the American Revolution began.

What was the American Revolution?

-was a war between the Americans and the British; Americans wanted freedom and independence

-Americans wanted to become their own country so they didn't have to be bossed around by the British

Causes of the American Revolution:

The Thirteen Colonies (soon-to-be-known-as Americans) were getting pretty angry with the British.

-The British were taking over more land and were making strict laws and raising unfair taxes on items like tea, paper, lead, and glass

-Britain also prevented the Americans from trading and selling their goods to other colonies and did not allow them to be in the parliament.

-American colonists wanted Independence and fair rights. Britain ignored their requests, and hence the American Revolution.

Why was the American Revolution significant?

-The Americans gained equal rights, independence, and made fair laws for their own country.

-The "Declaration Of Independence" and "The Bill Of Rights" were created after the war by the Americans to give everyone living in America freedom

Finally, we will take our journey to the year 1812, when the War Of 1812 had started.

What was the War Of 1812?

-was another war between the British and the Americans (A.K.A. the second war of Independence)

Causes of the War Of 1812:

-The British were declaring more unfair laws towards the Americans to make sure Britain was the boss

-The British restricted trading between France and America

-The British were in a war with France at the time, so they stole American merchant ship sailors and forced them to be a part of the British Navy

-The First Nations were allied with the British, so Britain gave them guns and weapons to help fight against France and America

Why was the War Of 1812 significant?

-America and Britain became at peace

-First Nations population decreased because America wiped out a lot of First Nation tribes during the war

-Lots of First Nations who lost their homes during the war and other settlers moved to Canada because it was a peaceful place

-If America had successfully invaded Canada during the war, Canada probably wouldn't exist today


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