Forms and Types of Energy By: Luke d

This picture is using Kinetic Energy because the guy is moving.

Kinetic Energy: Energy that a body possesses when it the body is in motion. I use kinetic energy when I play games, walk, and do anything moving.
Elastic potential energy: Potential energy that an elastic object has.

In this picture the elastic potential energy is in the rubber band because it has potential to stretch farther. Elastic potential energy is in rubber bands and elastic stuff.

Gravitational Potential Energy: Gravitational energy based on where something in the gravitational field

In this picture the gravitational potential energy is in the kid because he moves up higher on the swing

Chemical Energy: Energy stored in chemical compounds. It is realessed in a chemical reaction.

This picture is a chemical reaction which realeses chemical energy.

Nuclear Energy: Energy realeased in nuclear fission/fusion.

In this picture nuclear energy is being realeased from the nuclear power plant

ThermL Energy: Energy transferred from one object to another using heat

In the picture the burner is heating the tea and its reaesing thermal energy

Light energy: How nature moves energy at an extremely rapid rate.

In the picture light energy is coming out of the lightbulb.

Electric energy: An electric charge that comes out of an outlet

In the picture electric energy is coming out of the outlet.

Sound energy: Energy associated with the vibration of matter.

In the picture the guitar strings move and it creates sound energy.

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