Cruise 2016 Family Vacation or family adventure?

Day 1 and 2 were amazing. You can't possibly debate the fact that being on a stunning and enormous ship is incredible. Standing on the bow of a boat like this makes you feel like the king of the universe. Side note: the whole family is still rather pasty white at this point. Unfortunately, this doesn't change too much throughout our trip.

Day 3: Do you see this lizard?! Isn't he so cool?! Yes?! Well so was this day! Not only did we get to see the amazing island of St. Thomas, but we also got to swim with sea lions. Yes, you read that right. Sea lions. Might I add that these are the dopest creatures I've ever gotten the privilege to encounter. I mean c'mon. Just look at these smiles.

Day 4: These pictures speak for themselves, but I also want to put in my 2 cents (shocker, I know). This is St. John. This was my favorite day. The water is not only the best, most vibrant blue in the world, but the salty sea is also the perfect temperature. So we threw our shakas up and lived this day to the max.

Day 5 and 6: The Bahamas were where we were supposed to go on day 6, but due to a medical emergency, we ended up having to add a boat day to our itinerary. But who can complain about spending a day on a luxury ship with boatloads (excuse the pun) of food aboard? Certainly not us! We played a ton of shuffle board, and I nursed my sunburn while my skin slowly peeled off.

Day 7: Even coming back into port was gorgeous. In less than 12 hours we would be unpacking bags, while the brutal reality of Monday stared us down. This was the trip of dreams.
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