DBB Josh Christensen

Life In Bluff

The bluff campus is such a special place. Acting as home base, this was where we finalized many aspects of the design and worked into the night to ensure that everything would run smoothly on site. It's also one of the places where we found relaxation and peace after a long day of work. The diverse range of building styles and student ideas that are evident on campus make it an inspiring spot.

The Build

The build was such a rich experience that allowed us to oversee the project from concept to creation. After designing the whole project in the summer over zoom and google sheets, we finally made it down to Bluff to start the build in the fall. After the many ups and downs that come from building as a group for 14 weeks, we emerged understanding the building process in ways that we never imagined.

Sketch Class

Every week or so throughout the semester, we were able to travel as a group to different sites to sketch, gather natural pigments, create watercolor paint and much more. These are a selection of my sketches as I visited each site, both with the group, and on my own explorations.

Weekend Trips and Explorations

Every free weekend that we had, we were out exploring the area, which is truly breathtaking in every direction. I've never been anywhere else that has such significant and amazing sites to explore within 20 minutes in any direction. We traveled everywhere from Lake Powell to Chaco Canyon, and Moab to Kayenta. Each weekend trip brought us to more culturally significant areas with so much history to dive into, and instilled in us more appreciation for those who once lived here so long ago.