Soulsplitter is a highly dedicated Germany-based music and arts collective founded by the musicians Fenix (drums), Simon (guitars), Daniel (keys) and Felix (bass).

They started writing on their self-released debut record “Salutogenesis” in 2016, eager from the start to melt their musical backgrounds and influences into a new and original sound. Inspired by the Progressive Rock from the seventies as well as modern Metal sounds, Jazz harmonies and the intricate classical compositions of the late romanticism, their sound evokes reminiscences of Dream Theater, Steven Wilson and Opeth – but also Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake and Palmer or Queen. The album consists of eight songs which act like movements in a coherent story, telling a tale of love, death, meaning and self-awareness.

Salutogenesis released October 18th 2019, following the album premiere show at Euroblast Festival and the "Salutogenesis Tour 2019" alongside US-progrockers Head with Wings.

"The technical prowess is most certainly there, but the compositions and tracks never rely on simply inhumane execution or sounding weird just for the sake of it. (...) It’s incredible how unpredictably wanton but maturely serious an act can be on their first release, and it’s also very easy to start to foretell that Soulsplitter‘s future is a blindingly glaring one." EVERYTHING IS NOISE

"I can’t help but award this ambitious work of art with the highest rating. One can only guess what these talented artists have in store for us in the years to come, but if “Salutogenesis” is any indication of their creative talent and imaginative power, we might be in for another massive treat." - THE PROGSPACE - 5/5

"Music should always have the ability to transcend you, and SOULSPLITTER achieve this with aplomb. (...) With other prog bands turning to pop for inspiration, SOULSPLITTER are turning to the arts and it’s incredibly inspiring and reassuring. This is the beginning of something special." - METALMANCE

"This is ultimately the direction that we would predict Periphery would reach in 6-7 albums time. (...)The breadth of the albums musicanship is stunningly beautiful, full of ideas of light and shade, contrast and emotion. An epic piece of work, it demands your full attention and gives something fresh in each repeated listen (...)" - METALNOISE - 8.5/10

"(...) this album is definitely, almost defiantly, grandiose in its scope and range. It’s an album which doesn’t lack for ambition and very likely the only difference between Soulsplitter and Queen is the latter’s music is more commercially oriented." - VELVETTHUNDER

"In ´Salutogenesis´ steckt weitaus mehr drin, mehr als zu schildern erdenklich ist. Das ist Kunst. Das ist ein Kollektiv. Das sind Künstler. Das ist Musik. Das ist kreativ und einzigartig." - STREETCLIP.DE - 9/10

Soulsplitter is all about the music. But also about performance, emotions, experiences and images. It is therefore drawing in artists from all branches, aiming to create extensive, genre-bending projects – while also striving to provide inspirational and meaningful content to foster catharsis and space for personal development and connection between both the recipients and the artists themselves.