Cultural identity by Joseph Crenshaw

What is cultural identity?

cultural identity is something that makes who you are and where your from.made up of a group of things ranging from ethnic background to social identity.

My culturalidentity isn't just about me being Hispanic and African-American. Many other things make me who I am. For example the fact that I'm adopted and also that I am gay are a part of my identity but today I'll be focusing on the Ethnic part of What makes

my ethnicy?

i'm hispanic and african american but personally i don't identify with neither above the other.But i would love to know more about the hispanic side of me.


From what I've been told that my siblings I am Hispanic and African-American. I personally do not know for sure where my people are from or who my people are for that matter so today I will be focusing on the Hispanic culture in general.


My people are from the country of Mexico. The people of Mexico live in cities or surrounding small rural areas that surround them. All these are contributing factor in what makes Mexico what it is. Mexico has everything ranging from high mountains to deep canyons to rain forests to desserts and to beautiful beaches

Mexico is the 14 largest country. It's a popular place for tourist to go on vacation due to its beautiful beaches it's bright colors and it's lively fun atmosphere


A vast majority of Mexicans speak Spanish today but that is not the onlylanguage even though about approximately 92.7% of Mexico does speak Spanish there still are others spoken such as Mayan, Nahuatl and other regional languages depending on the area.

at first the language wasn't always called Spanish and eventually became Spanish during the 19th century. Originally Spanish was created and the irabian Peninsula. It all started with the Celtic people they came and influenced the language into the native people and turned it into language that we now know as Spanish.

Physical traits

Mexico likes its people are very unique.they can have skin tones ranging from anywhere to light to medium to tan and even a deep skin tone. They are mostly known for their dark hair and dark eyes due to the fact that their native American roots play a big part in their genetic makeup.

It is very easy to see that in this mans face with age you begin to see the resemblance to native Americans become very prominent.


Another thing that makes Hispanic culture very popular and known is their food. Almost every part of the world has enjoyed Mexican food wether it be authentic or not it's a way to experience a different culture and feel connected to others.Food also plays a huge part in Hispanic holidays special occasions and celebrations the food brings people togeather and makes them feel at home.

Some traditional Mexican food most of us have enjoyed are tamales, tostadas,elota,mole,carne and enchiladas and a desert that is very well liked flan


Art plays a big part in Hispanic culture .Ofcourse everything is not the same thet use everything from charcoal to paint and everything in between to express themselves and tell their stories to the people.Most Mexican art is brightly colored and very expressive but there's a special feel to it the emotion in the paintings that you can almost feel.

Some popular Hispanic artist are Diego Rivera, Frida kahlo and Jose Clemente

This is a piece by Diego Rivera a very well-known Mexican artist he's known not for technique and his art but for the story and emotion that it shows and that's the real point of art to tell a story.


Hispanic music at some of the most diverse kind of music in the whole world is very fast-paced exciting but also filled with deep emotion and feeling is telling a story that not all of us understand but like the food and music brings everyone together and the way thatalmost nothing else could. Music with no doubt is a huge part of Hispanic culture.

Some different types of Hispanic music or mariachi, ranchera,Norteno.and many others

Mariachis one of the most well-known for the Mexican music it is composed of a group of men traditionally playing instruments as well as using the voices they are known for preformingat celebration such as weddings and Quiceineras.Mariachi was originally formed specially in the city of Guadalajara and it has grown since then and is known throughout those that are culture


another thing I wanted to share what is that Hispanic culture is very family and religion oriented we believe that the strongest thing that you could have in your life is your family behind you and it's true it's nice to know that you always have somewhere to go back to you when you need to. But remember to respect your elders of course you don't want the Chankla .

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