Cather Through the Years a celebration of memories

Cather welcomed family and friends on March 15, 2018, to celebrate 50 years of education excellence & 20 years of being home to the Core Knowledge Academy .

I worked here for 20 years, not much has changed. -Ron Phelps, Former Cather Teacher

The school hasn't changed much. Great times and good teachers. 50 years of memories. -Mrs. Martinez

I wanted to help celebrate Cather’s birthday. It is the only school in Omaha that I taught at, so it is a very special place to me. -Mrs. Rarick, Cather Volunteer and Former Teacher
Our three sons all attended Cather Core Academy. What a great staff and program! -Mr. V. Collins, Former Cather Parent

I remember in , First grade students made the Mexican hats and wrote animal reports. Third grade made a model of the solar system and made the Viking flag. Fourth grade made castles and had the feast. Fifth grade read Don Quixote and learned Latin and Greek. I remember the Core program started at Grace Abbot before moving to Cather. It was at two schools for a while, but all of our kids have gone through Cather. We really like the program, the phonetics and the structure of reading, writing, and the constant review in math. - Mrs. Push, Cather Parent

Cather was a second home to me for 9 years as an employee and 9 years as a parent. So many warm and happy memories. Cather will forever have a special place in my heart. -Missy Collins, Former Parent and Staff Member
I liked the teachers and the learning style. My mom and I wanted to see my (former) teachers. They were the funniest, nicest, best teachers in the world, enough said. - Natalie, Former student

I have taught here so long I remember when Miss Nolting taught third grade with Mrs. Rarick. Both have since retired but they keep coming back to Cather, and we’re sure glad they do. -Mrs. DeRoy, Current 5th Grade Teacher

I was at Cather for 31 years we had the best students best teachers ever. - Mrs. Frey, Former PE Teacher
I remember all the incredible students and families that I got to be apart of their lives. I’ve seen graduations, weddings and their families grow. As for the staff I’ve made life long amazing friends. Cather was like a big extended loving family. - Miss Nolting, Former Teacher

It is a Great school. I love it all the teachers are nice they make me feel really safe. It is a great school. I (would) love to stay here for longer, but I have to sadly leave. -Ninad, current student

I like how the teachers are so nice. - Sumanas, current students

Special thanks to the class of 2018 for conducting the anniversary Interviews.

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