Japan's Customs EQ: What customs kept structure in a society?

In Japan, there were practices/beliefs that kept order in society. One practice is their religion: Shinto. Shinto expresses the love and respect Japanese had for nature. They worshipped all natural occurrences such as wind, lighting, rivers, mountains, water falls, large trees, and unusual stones. Shinto was involved in daily life. People would meditate and find peace within nature.

Here is a picture of Japanese people enjoying the view of nature.

This custom was apart of Japanese culture. People valued the sounds of nature and the view. Without it Japan wouldn't be known for their meditation and harmony. Their culture wouldn't have thrived on the beauty of nature.

Another belief/practice in Japanese society was in the Samurai Era. The code of the samurai: Bushido, "Way Of The Warrior". Bushido was developed over centuries. Because of Bushido, samurai valued loyalty and personal honor so much that they'd rather kill themselves then surrender to an enemy. The code called them to be honest, fair, and fearless to face death. Samurais watched over villages and were loyal protectors to their lords. Without the code, a samurai's power would be out of hand and misused. They wouldn't know the boundaries and how to act. Instead of protecting they could cause mischief. They'll be reckless and a trader to society without the code. There'd be no protection for the lords and villagers so thieves could break in and conquer the city.

Here is a picture of what samurai wore into battle
This shows a written code of Bushido

Lastly, another practice was the government during the Heian Period. Aristocrats were ruling the government and had a lot of political & cultural control/power. The Fujiwara family took power and acted as the emperor. They were basically ruling all of Japan under the emperor's name. During this era, there were 9 ranks for a social status. These ranks affected daily life because they determined how many carriages,homes, slaves, and the folds on a fan a person could have. The rank you had could also help you if you created a crime. The rank will determine how harsh your punishment will be. Without this time period, there wouldn't be order in society. Everyone would want the power to themselves and attack for it. It would be anarchy and unfairness in every situation. There also wouldn't be temples, buildings, and palaces built for us to see how they lived like. The ranks kept balance but without it people would get greedy and selfish.

Here's a temple in today's society.

As you can see, these customs kept structure in Japan's society. The religion kept peace and harmony in daily life, Bushido kept samurai in their rightful place, and the government made sure there was limits and order in society.

By: Melodi Xiong


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