Senior Capstone Charlie's look into finance

For my senior capstone I paid a visit to Hamilton Capital Management to talk to a friend of my mother's who is a financial planner. I did this because I have been interested in becoming a financial planner for some time. This experience was incredibly helpful because it showed me the work environment, the demands of the job, and I was able to learn about some of the typical statistics that come with being a financial planner.

The Experience

The setting and experience of the job was incredible. I walked into the lobby and fell in love. The offices and meeting rooms were exactly what I had hoped for. The beautiful furniture and décor made you feel special. And everyone there seemed to be friends. They respected their bosses but none feared them. It was a very efficient ladder of respect and responsibility.

The Job

As a financial planner at Hamilton you are the "quarterback of the team". Some duties as financial planner are, gathering information from clients, organizing said data, keeping track of the data (when one thing changes another thing does), revisiting data because often times clients will not (a will for example; most people write their will once and don't revisit it when circumstances change) and even projecting the data.

On average, a financial planner who works with a large firm like Hamilton has 60-80 clients. They are paid in one of three ways: Fee, commission, and a blend of the two. Fee means that the financial planner is paid a flat fee, this is good because there is no conflict of interest between the client and the planner. Commission means that the financial planner is paid a percentage of what the client has them work with, this is bad because it creates a conflict of interest due to the planner being paid more for larger expenses.

As with many other careers, to be a financial planner, you have to work your way up. Starting as an advisor, preparing for meetings, and doing paperwork. Only after five or six years you may be able to start working with clients.

What I Think

I think the world of finance is right up my alley. I like the logic and sense of it as well as helping the customer get what they need. I like that I will have to talk to people but it's only one at a time. I like the office building with all the cubicles and everybody's own isolated world. I LOVE that actually. However, with all this, is it still what I want to do?

My Future

I would actually love for this to be in my future, well down the road. My dream that I am currently hard at work to accomplish is to join one of the military bands and play trombone. I don't want to play in what some call "The Best Damn Band In The Land", I want to play in the best damn bands in all the land. In Pershing's Own, the Field Band, or any of the active duty bands. However, after I get out, finance is a fine part time I could do while being in the National Guard Band for whatever state I choose.

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