Cyber Bullying By Hailey Higgins

Tip #1) Don't provoke/respond to the bully. Your reaction is usually what the bully wants.

Tip #2) Save the evidence. If the bullying gets to a point where you have had enough, save to evidence so you have proof.

Tip #3 ) Talk to a trusted adult. Tell them how you feel and what your going through. Show them the evidence of what the bully had said to you or done to you.

Tip #4) Block the bully. Don't let them get to you through the internet.

Tip #5) Report the bully. Their website/user will be shut down and they won't be able to access it again.

Tip #6) Remember you always have people that care about you and that will stand by you during the tough times. You can rely on them to be a friend.

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