The Stoplight Roses Electronic Press kit


BIO - The Stoplight Roses are a rock'n'roll band from Atlanta, Georgia. Taking their name from the Nick Lowe song, and with a nod to The Jesus of Cool's vintage style of songwriting, they combine equal measures garage rock, power-pop, and alt.country.

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ABOUT THE NEW ALBUM Atlanta band The Stoplight Roses have always strived to be a songwriting space for multiple voices, a mission statement that has often made their sound unclassifiable. With the new album, Baby Blue, they bring three unique writers to the mix: Mike Hodgin, Isaac Bishop, and Xane Peters. Genre on the album might hop from power-pop to alt.country, from cowpunk to garage rock, but there's a definite throughline in the lonesome subject matter, in the classic pop style. The goal is always to make fun rock'n'roll, but Baby Blue also has a dark undercurrent in the noisy jangle & twang of Doomsday Clock, or the funky groove of Kronos, both of which reflect the despair of the current political climate.

After some personnel changes, and spending the last few years building a name for themselves in Atlanta venues like The Earl, Star Bar, and Smith's Olde Bar, The Roses now have a solid lineup of musicians: founder Hodgin on rhythm guitar, Bishop on lead guitar and saxophone, Peters on bass, and Cooper Dozier on drums.

Recorded at Endre Tomaschek's Spinning Whale Studios in Charleston, SC, Baby Blue expands the sound of the band by adding horns and keys, and doubling down on harmonies. Everyone in the band is ultimately just a big fan of all kinds of music, and Baby Blue illustrates these wide-ranging influences by showcasing new styles the band hadn't toyed with before.


2018 Promo Photos (Shot by Jeff Eyrich)
Oakhurst Porchfest 2018 (Shot by Jeff Eyrich)
In-Store at Decatur CD 2018 (Photo by Sadie Warren)
"Baby Blue" Recording Sessions at Spinning Whale Studios in Charleston, SC, February 2018


Mike Hodgin - rhythm guitars, bass, harmonica, vocals

Isaac Bishop - lead guitars, saxophone, vocals

Xane Peters - bass, guitars, vocals

Cooper Dozier - drums, percussion

PRESS - “Atlanta's The Stoplight Roses take their name from the Nick Lowe song and it shows. Although, you can see the connection in their sound, probably more to Brinsley Schwarz, they have a sort of TFC riff groove. It's a great laid back listen.” - Don Valentine - I Don't Hear a Single

“A Bomb Goes Off lays out a bit of personal history, and nicely encapsulates the band’s overall mix of vintage Power Pop, Garage Rock and Alt-Country. Its also one of the finest songs of the year.” - Pop That Goes Crunch

“...absolutely cracking! ...well worth listening to.” - Wayne Lundqvist Ford - Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More

"Resurrecting the late '70s power-pop sound... really nice stuff out of The Stoplight Roses." - WMLB AM1690

PAST PERFORMANCES - The Stoplight Roses have performed at:

The Earl, Star Bar, Smith's Olde Bar, The Drunken Unicorn, Kavarna, Red Light Cafe, The Highlander, Red Hare Brewery, Red Brick Brewery, Smyrna Food Truck Tuesdays, and Oakhurst Porchfest

CONTACT - thestoplightroses@gmail.com


GEAR - Isaac Bishop plays Gibson and Fender guitars through a Hughes & Kettner amplifier. Mike Hodgin plays Gretsch and Danelectro guitars through a Vox AC 10 amplifier. He plays a Blueridge acoustic guitar, and uses a Shure Green Bullet microphone through a Gretsch G5222 amp for harmonica. Xane plays a Hofner bass. Cooper Dozier plays a Yamaha snare with Spaun drums.


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